Monday, April 15, 2013

Hammin' it up

I thought I'd let the kids help write the blog today.  Enjoy! (as verbatim as I could make it typing as fast as I could)

Noah: We ate lunch outside.
Kayla:  And we got slushies
Noah:  And that we had a wonderful day today.  And that I had a fun day at school.  You didn't go to school (pointing at Mikayla)
Mikayla:  I was watching Bubble Guppies
Noah:  How did Mikayla be watching Bubble Guppies?  Mikayla why were you watching Bubble Guppies?
Mikayla:(mouthful of slushie)  Because I was.
Noah:  She says because I was.  That I had some good times
Mikayla:  And that I had a good time. And I ate colored goldfish.  Nothing else
Noah:  Ah, that I, um, went to Sonic and we got slushes.
Mikayla:  Yummy yum yum.  Dad!
Grant: Kayla?
Mikayla:  Daddy.  You were in a picture with Noah being a baby and you were laying down.  And Noah had a diaper on.
Grant:  What?
Mikayla:  I'm going to get a doggy coaster.  It looks like Bella
Noah:  Okay, okay, okay, okay
Me:  Anything else?
Noah:  Let's have more of a wonderful day tomorrow. (Runs off)

Until tomorrow...

Today is National Spiral Sliced Glazed Ham Day.  Since I wasn't going to buy an entire spiral ham, I cheated the system.  This is my spiral sliced ham.  (hehehe)

 Enjoying the sunshine and lunch outside

Glazed Ham 

Slushies from Sonic tonight and then the park for awhile.  Sonic was having a 1/2 off on Tax Day special that we decided to hit up.  Noah had green apple and Kayla had Blue Coconut.  On the way home Mikayla told me thanks for the slushie, I told her thanks for being a tax deduction ;-)

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