Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fondue Part Deux

 I'm pretty sure everyone in a three mile radius knew that today was National Cheese Fondue Day. It has been all the rage around here for the past few days.  Ever since we had chocolate fondue back in February, Noah and Kayla both have been begging for it again.  If you'll remember it was suggested that perhaps we should just have fondue for dinner every night.  I have vetoed this idea but looked forward to trying out cheese fondue tonight.

We turned it into a picnic as it was easier for everyone to reach the pot that way.  I waited to make it until Grant got home so it would be perfect and gooey when we sat down for dinner.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 even helped me make it (we discussed stirring properly to create a good roux base and the need to add the chicken stock (which I used in place of white wine) slowly to avoid clumps).  Our dippers consisted of french bread, soft pretzels, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, apples, pepperoni, mini sausages, popcorn chicken, hard pretzels, tortilla chips and some triscuts.  Enough choices?

Just like the chocolate fondue, the kiddos loved it.  Yet again they've asked for it every night. And they had so much fun and ate so well that I even whipped up a quick batch of white chocolate fondue for dessert.  They cracked me up with their dipping techniques and with just how much they ate.  Grant and I are seriously discussing the acquisition of a fondue pot... 

After dinner Grant and Noah sat down for some Go Fish and Mikayla and I got girlie together and painted her toes and fingernails.  She was really bummed out when she heard me discussing my weekend plans to go and meet up with my mom and Shell for pedicures on Saturday and that she wasn't quite old enough to tag along.  This was a good compromise all around, though her polish didn't hold up all that well through bath time.  I told her I would touch it up again tomorrow.

Glad to see the Tigers got their act back together today and creamed the Blue Jays.  Now they're off to the West Coast for a three team series out there.  Keeping my fingers crossed for good thing.

Off to catch Grey's Anatomy and get some more work done at the office.  Tomorrow is licorice (which is already chilling in my fridge) and grilled cheese.  I'm planning a make your own grilled cheese bar for dinner tomorrow night, should prove to be entertaining.  Until then....

Cheese fondue

Our fondue feast

 Dipping away

 Noah and Grant going fish
 Mikayla and I playing beauty shop

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