Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pigs in need of Blankets

Yesterday the kiddos and I were playing outside without jackets.  Today I had to break out the hats and mittens again and I drove through snow the entire way home from Bowling Green.  Hey Mother Nature, in case you missed it the calendar says April 24th.  Not February 24th or even March 24th where I could deal with a bit of snow.  April.  I could deal with it being rain ('cause Lord knows we've had enough of that this month) because then I could expect lots of pretty flowers in May.  But the snow is pushing it.

This very well could be why the pigs need blankets.  Accordingly to Mikayla we had to put the pigs in the blankets to keep them warm and snuggly.  It's National Pigs in A Blanket day today, which both Noah and Mikayla found uproariously funny.  My explanation of why it was called pigs in a blanket only made them giggle more.  The fact that I made them "call" the pigs so we could make dinner officially pushed them over the edge.  We waited to make dinner 'til Grant got home so everyone could wrap up their own piggies.  Three days in a row of kitchen creations mean two very happy Gatchel kiddos.

They were in an even better mood due to the fact that we headed to Bowling Green today to have lunch with Grandma.  Noah is off of school today and Friday for conferences (I met with his teacher this morning to more rave reviews!  So proud of my little man!) so we decided to take a trip today to see Grandma for a bit.  Never one to miss an occasion, when I tucked him in last night Noah had asked if he could wear his "wedding clothes" on today's visit.  Sure, why not.  So I was accompanied by a spiffily dressed four year old and a three year old that insisted she needed to wear sparkly blue shoes with her Tinkerbell outfit.  They put their Mama to shame ;-)

Watching a bit of the game at the moment (we're up 7-4 with the bases loaded!) and I can't say that I'd rather be there.  I can only imagine that it is frigid at the ballpark.  If anyone wants to start saying prayers for much better weather on Saturday for Grant and me.  I'm a die hard fan and all but teeny tiny Kristi will not enjoy the game in freezing temperatures.  Zucchini bread tomorrow.  (It's in my bread machine as we speak - never it made it that way before so we'll see how that comes out)  Until then...

'Calling' the pigs before we wrapped them in their blankets

 Mikayla showing off her handiwork

 We wrapped piggies in crescent blankets and biscuit blankets

Noah and Grant preferred the crescents and Kayla liked the biscuits better

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