Saturday, April 13, 2013

Peachy Keen

Some days, when I go to write my blog I feel like Paul Harvey...

The dish known as 'cobbler' (insert random fruit of your choosing to go with) originated in the American colonies as the colonists answer to making do, or 'cobbling together' the ingredients they had to make a dish that was similar to the heavier suet puddings popular in England at the time.  The dessert, if made in its traditional form with a biscuit like dough is also said to resemble a cobbled street, which may be another explanation for how it got its name.  It's not to be confused with a 'crisp' on which the topping usually includes oatmeal.

And now you know, the rest of the story.

Regardless, Happy National Peach Cobbler Day.  I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever made a cobbler before and had to do some research on the proper way to prepare the dish (hence the information above).  And I will admit to cheating a little bit and using canned peaches as peaches are not in season around here right now. (Foiled again by the man behind the curtain that establishes these holiday!)  But I did pop it in the oven shortly before we sat down for dinner which led to it being the perfect temperature for turning a scoop of ice cream into a melty puddle of goodness just as we were ready for dessert.  Will definitely be re-warming the leftovers when we go to finish off what little is left....

In other news, I headed into Perrysburg this afternoon to meet up with my Mom and Shell for some manis and pedis.  I now have pretty pink fingers and pretty pink toes to encourage spring to stick around.  Today's snow and sleet had me shaking my fist at Mother Nature again and politely as possible reminding her that it is nearly mid-April and I'm over the cold.

Hoping tomorrow if nicer so we can head to the outlets for awhile in the afternoon to do some shopping for the kiddos.  They are both sorely in need of some spring/summer wear.  Pecans (again!) tomorrow.  Until then...

Peach cobbler

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