Sunday, April 28, 2013

How we Roll

 Grant and I have been enjoying having some 'us' time the past couple of days while the kiddos headed down to Fremont to spend the weekend with my parents.  He had gotten me Tigers tickets for my birthday and yesterday we got to go to the game!

In the meantime, there was all kind of fun.  We actually got to go to an actual movie theater and see a movie (gasp).  Saw "Oz The Great and Powerful" - loved loved loved it!  Thought it did a great job setting up the back story to the classic movie.  Then we (FINALLY) got to rent Les Mis. We've been talking about seeing it for months now so we were both super stoked.  Got to go to Coldstone - oh my goodness banana bread batter yogurt - my new addiction!  It was so good we had to go back again last night...

Saturday morning Grant volunteered to spend some time in the kitchen with me to make the blueberry pies for today (Happy National Blueberry Pie day!)  Only sans kiddos will you find us making pie, drinking beer and wearing monkey aprons at 11am on a Saturday morning.  I love my husband, he is the best sport ever.

The game was incredible.  The weather was beautiful, we were 20 rows back from the field on the third base side (almost directly behind third base) and the Tigers creamed the Braves for the second game in a row.  After the game we enjoyed the sunshine and walked over to explore Greektown for a bit.  No luck at the casino, but fun none the less.  We came back, grabbed some dinner and realized we still had to drop the movie off, so we rode our bikes to Kroger to do so and I found a $20 bill.  Hence the ice cream two nights in a row!!

We're off to get the kiddos here shortly and I will admit I miss them like crazy (there were so many kids at the game yesterday and I kept thinking how much fun my twosome would have.  Think there may be a Tigers game in the future here soon...) I have loved getting to spend some time with my better half, though.  (And he really is my other half - couldn't do any of what I do without him) Looking forward to hearing what kind of craziness went down in Fremont...

Shrimp Scampi tomorrow!  Until then...

He so makes me smile

 I feel like I should label this "Beer Kitchen" as opposed to "Kid Kitchen"

 Shells for our mini pies

 It honestly doesn't get much better than this

 AJ and Torii!! (My two faves)

 Austin Jackson in the throwback to the Negro League uniforms they were wearing


 Prince Fielder, just for Noah

 Can't think of anyone I'd rather have been there with

 Finishing the mini pies and making some pizzas

 Aren't they cute?  Grant did an awesome job!

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