Friday, April 12, 2013

Cheesy Underwear

 Two nights ago we had a major meltdown here with Kayla.  She got out of the bathtub and decided she was going to put the underwear she'd already worn during the day back on.  She was insistent that she HAD to wear that pair of underwear.  Grant finally threw the towel in on it and called me in to try to sort out the situation.

So whether it was the best route to go or not, I asked the obvious question; why?  Why did she have to wear that pair?  "Because they have to match, Mama!" she told me through the tears.  Baffled, I asked match what.  Her pajamas.  Which had to match her socks she told me.  OK then.  I tried to reason with her; no one except you will know if they match, Kayla.  Mommy's underroos don't match. You'll be gross and stinky tomorrow if you don't put on clean underwear.  And on and on to no avail.  I even told her to pick a different pair of PJ's that would match a different pair of underwear.  No such luck.

So I finally pulled the Mom card and said she had to because I said so, BUT if she did it without throwing a fit, she was due for new underroos and on Friday when we went to Miejer I would let her pick out whatever kind of new underwear she wanted that would match the most number of her PJ's possible.  It worked - we got clean underwear and the constant reminder for the next 48 hours that I had promised to take her on Friday to get new ones.  She also made me show her yesterday and again today that mine didn't match what I was wearing.  She's three, I've got to give somewhere...

So today we headed out to get the new underroos.  You would have thought it was Christmas again.  She must have thanked me profusely a dozen times and carried them proudly through the store like they were the coolest new toy.  I have yet to figure out why she thinks she must match but as my mom would say, it's not a hill that I want to die on.  So crisis averted, phew.  But I've got to ask - anyone else have a kiddo out there that was this insistent on things matching?  Grant says she she likes picking out her own outfits and being a little fashionista and I'm going with that for now :)

Underwear aside, Happy National Grilled Cheese Day and Happy National Licorice Day!  We had quite the celebration of grilled cheese today by having a "build your own grilled cheese" party.  I put out more possible fixings then anyone knew what to do with any everyone around here went to town creating their own personal faves.  Noah ended up with American cheese, Ranch dressing, bacon and apples on Italian bread.  Kayla had American cheese, mustard and apples on Italian bread (it made my stomach turn a bit, too but she did eat it)  Grant had Colby cheese with mayo, turkey and bacon on Italian and pizza sauce, provolone, pepperonis and Parmesan on Italian and cream cheese and caramel on Cinnamon Swirl bread (love love love the Pepperidge Farm store where I get freebies for spending a certain amount!).  I, in my endless need to be different, had a quesadilla with colby and salsa.  It's still grilled cheese!

Everyone had fun and we ended dinner with some licorice jello.  Well, not really jello, a little firmer than jello. Plain gelatin, diet redpop, sugar free cherry jello and anise flavoring - who'd have thunk it.  I thought it would be a flop, the kids LOVED it.  I think Kayla may have eaten 8 pieces.  There was enough cherry jello in it that it didn't scream 'black licorice' which I think helped.  And they did have some twizzlers pull and peels earlier in the day, so I think we covered our licorice base.

Post-dinner Grant and Noah headed off to the bike shop to pick up Grant's bike that had been in for a repair on the handlebars (please hurry up nicer weather, we really want to go riding!) while Kayla and I made a loaf of banana bread (the kind I made back in February to celebrate banana bread day, per Noah and Grant's request) for tomorrow's breakfast and re-purposed the rest of the fondue into dinner for tomorrow night.  I love having a bit of girl time with Kayla - the child runs her mouth almost as much as her Mama does!

Heading to Perrysburg tomorrow to meet up with my Mom and Shell for some pedis and then back here to celebrate Peach Cobbler.  Until then...

All our grilled cheese choices

Noah with the fixings for his grilled cheese

 Kayla and her choices

 Noah's on the left, Kayla's on the right

 Me and my quesadilla :-p

 Everyone digging in on their grilled cheese while I get the last ones off the griddle

 My favorite little cheese face

Licorice jello

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