Friday, April 5, 2013

Caramel Covered Denial

 Happy National Caramel Day!

Happy National Raisin Spice Bar Day!

Happy Opening Day at Comerica Park, Tigers!



Happy 30th birthday to me!

Let's take on the first three because I'm pretty much in denial about the last one.  I made some fancy dipped pretzels to celebrate caramel day.  I dipped them in caramel and then a whole different assortment of things.  I sent the majority of them to work with Grant this morning (none of them made it home) but the kiddos each got to pick out the one they wanted (just white chocolate for Noah, white chocolate and M&M's for Kayla).  They loved them.  We'll see caramel again tomorrow as the man behind the food celebration curtain says tomorrow is caramel popcorn day...

I can honestly say I've never heard of raisin spice bars before and I ended up halving the recipe I found for them because I was sure they were going to be a flop.  Note to self: anytime you think that something isn't going to go over well, double the recipe because it is sure to be a hit.  Grant actually emailed me from work to make sure there were more of them at home.  They were super moist and cake-like with a fun icing on top.  Guess I'll be making those again...

The biggest highlight of my whole day was sharing Opening Day with Noah and Mikayla.  It is a gorgeous sunny day here in Michigan and we decided on a picnic (indoor) lunch to celebrate while we watched the Opening Day festivities and the game.  Noah loves Prince Fielder who hit two home runs to get us a Home Opener win today.  I may have spoiled them a little bit with tons of goodies at lunch, but as I told them, between the Home Opener and my birthday it's kind of like a mini holiday around here.

So the birthday...  It happens every year, I suppose, lol.  Many thanks to my wonderful co-worker, Beth, for the beautiful flowers that made me feel so special.  I have yet to open my gifts here as I actually refused to acknowledge that the birthday actually happened until 5:34pm, the time I was actually born.  And Grant said no acknowledgement = no presents.  OK, so I'm thirty.   Bring on the gifts!

Caramel Popcorn tomorrow.  And even better - Michigan Basketball!  Until then...

Caramel Pretzels

 Raisin spice bars

My little Tiger fan decked out ready to run errands

 All dressed up in their gear for the game

If I've got to be 30, at least I have them :)

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