Monday, April 1, 2013

Foolin' Around

 April First - hard to say what I'm most excited about today.  1)  The fact that Major League Baseball officially kicks off the 2013 Season - GO TIGERS!  (As I write this we're up 3-0 at the top of the 7th and Verlander looks like the ace he's being paid to be.  Just wish Q was there...) or 2) The fact that it's April Fool's Day which means all kinds of hilarity (and fun cute food!) around here.  Noah's off school this week which means the kiddos and I are getting lots of extra play and fun in, including working up a 'joke' on Daddy.

And just in case I forget to mention it later, it's National Sourdough Bread Day, as well.  I made a loaf (without using a starter, made it with yogurt instead) in my bread machine to 'celebrate' and managed to work it into my April Fool's feast.

Otherwise, bring on the goofiness.  I think Thing 1 and Thing 2 are a little young to really 'get' a practical joke on any grand scale yet, but I did manage to work a couple silly moments in on them today.  Starting with lunch.  Which they ate in the bathtub :-p  (Fully clothed)  They thought this was hysterical.  I also tricked them with some orange 'soda' I had created out of jello last night.  You'll have to see the pictures to see what I mean.  Trust me, though, them trying desperately to suck the jello up through the straw as they sat in the bathtub made my whole day.

Before dinner we put our 'trick' for Grant plan into action.  We decided we'd have dinner at the beach!  (Side Note:  Mother Nature, I did NOT find the snow flurries this morning funny)  I cranked up the heat in the house, the kiddos got decked out in their swim gear, we threw down some blankets and sand toys and cranked up some Beach Boys music.  Grant entered the craziness and I'm sure that he officially thinks I have gone off the deep end on this one.  But because he's such a good sport he too went and got in his swim gear for our beach dinner.

For dinner we had cupcakes and fried eggs.  Or at least that's how it appeared.  This was followed by cheeseburgers and onion rings for dessert.  You'll have to see the pictures to see my handiwork :)  I adore 'cute' food so this is one of my favorite goofy holidays.

Peanut Butter and Jelly in Kid Kitchen tomorrow.  Until then...

Orange soda

 Or is it

 Bathtub Lunch!

Mikayla decked out to watch an inning of the baseball game

 Sourdough bread

 Fried Eggs and toast (Yogurt and peach)


 My twosome at the beach

 Beach dinner

Cheeseburger and onion rings :)

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