Sunday, April 7, 2013

Go Fly A Kite

 It was almost 10pm before I made Thing 1 and Thing 2 call it a night last night.  Call me a pushover, but I figured an event 20 years in the making was worth letting them stay up well past their usual bedtime for.  Plus we were looking at another pretty chill day around Casa de Gatchel, so my maize and blue bleeding self said it was all good.  For awhile there it looked like it might be the last game of the season for my fabulous Wolverines but they pulled it out and we are all looking forward to tomorrow night's game.  Which yes, I have already promised my kiddos they can stay up for even though tip-off isn't until 9:23.  I'm such a softie some days...

I even took it one step further.  Last night I had told Noah that if they pulled off a win we would take him to M Den today to get a new Wolverines shirt as his had been recently moved into the 'too small' category.  I couldn't let my Little Victor go to school without sporting his colors tomorrow.  So we packed up after lunch and headed to the mall where Noah ended up with not one new shirt, but two.  And of course that meant Kayla needed one, too....  I fortunately still had some funds left on a gift card I had gotten for Christmas that allowed me to spoil my kiddos a bit.  Check us out tomorrow to see them both sporting their new duds.

Earlier this afternoon we decided to venture out to take advantage of a day that seemed particularly made for kite flying!  The Cincinnati Easter Bunny (as opposed to the Singer Easter Bunny, the Farmington Hills Easter Bunny, the Fremont Easter Bunny, and the Miss Stephanie Easter Bunny, all of whom made appearances last weekend) had been kind enough to bring the kiddos their own kites that we've been promising them we could fly as soon as we got the right day for it.  The sun with a good breeze was fabulous today!  They did a test run in the back yard this morning and then we all trekked over to Heritage Park for a good go.  I have to say, my kids are kind of kite flying experts.  They both had them soaring and weaving.  Mikayla cracked me up as she kept instructing Cinderella (who is on her kite) how to fly.  We did end up with a bit of a tangled mess (Cinderella and Sponge Bob kind of got into it and its hard to determine who 'won) but we all had a great time doing it.

And lest I forget, this morning we chowed down on the Polish Cream Cheese Coffee Cake I created yesterday to celebrate National Coffee Cake Day.  I think my Polish great Aunts would be proud :)

Empanadas tomorrow along with tons of Michigan celebrating.  Prepare to be a-maize-d (hehehe).  Until then...
I wish there was a 'smell' button on the internet that I could share this with all of you...

 Coffee Cake, Cream Cheese, Coffee Cake, brown sugar and pecans - what could possibly be better?

 Proud of their M Den loot

 Ready to go fly our kites

 The pink is Kayla, that little blip far in front of her is Cinderella :)

 (Kayla's kite is on the right, Noah's on the left)


  1. I wish there was a smell button, too. So cute, them flying their kites.

  2. Polish Cream Cheese Coffee Cake...oh my goodness, that sounds delicious! Can you pass along that recipe?

    1. Sure thing:

      I actually halved the recipe and baked it in a 8x8 pan for about 45 minutes. The dough is SUPER sticky, so when I put the first half on the bottom I actually had to use a knife to spread it evenly, then the cream cheese layer, then like the recipe says, spoonfuls on top of that. We loved it!