Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

A couple days days ago I (Grant), got to experience something that Noah, Mikayla and Kristi had done once before: go to a Marshmallow Drop. Since Kristi was in Fremont that day and I was off of work, I took them to the one here in Oakland County. It was surprisingly not as chaotic as I was expecting. There were roped off "pens" for the different age groups with a separate staging area for the drop. As each group was called, they moved to the staging area to wait for the helicopter to arrive and drop its cargo. I think the 3-4 year-old group was among the scariest because there were so many parents getting in the way of the poor kids! Fortunately Noah and Mikayla were both able to find one apiece which they traded in for a small bag of treats (including a kazoo) and a couple free passes to one of the Oakland county water parks!

On Saturday we made it into Fremont to meet up with Kristi and head over to the Hayes Presidential Center for the annual Egg Roll and Egg Carry competitions, done every year to commemorate the same tradition started at the White House by President Hayes himself. They ordered the groups of kids in reverse this year, so the oldest ages started and worked down to the youngest, but the kids had some time to burn off some extra energy and play in the nice weather before their events. Although no one won a prize this year, Noah did make it into the local newspaper :)

Today was, of course, Easter. When we came home from church, the kids got to go on an Easter egg hunt around the Kosakowski house (hopefully we found all of them). Later after brunch, we learned that the Easter Bunny himself had already been there and left pun-laden clues around the house for everyone to find their baskets. Noah and Mikayla really got into it and practically fought over who would bring the clue back to Grandma to read. I'm not sure what moment had the most excitement between the kids finally finding their baskets and actually getting to go through them to see all the neat stuff. This year E.B. was extremely generous because he stopped by not one; not two; but three places (Kosakowski's, "Miss Stephanie's", and Cincinnati) with goodies for two very proud and very excited little children: if the toy could be unwrapped, they played with it with great big smiles on their faces.

Overall, it was one very blessed and very thankful Easter weekend.


Eggs, check. Baloons, check. Grandma's hand, check.

Mikayla leading the parade

Looking very hard for acorns

Noah showing off his spinning moves

the egg that looks like "Barry" the Minion

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