Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Fondue, do you?

 This is going to be a very brief post from me because I think the pictures speak for themselves.  The results from today's food celebration might be my favorite yet.  Both Noah and Mikayla have asked if we can do this every night :-p  Happy National Chocolate Fondue Day!

The dippin' stuff

 Our chocolatey goodness

 Noah's first dip

 Think he liked it?

 Mikayla tries her hand at dipping

 (I had to help a bit)

 She could hardly wait to get it to her mouth

 Please Mom, can I do it again?

 Kayla attacking a marshmallow

 Think she enjoyed herself?

This is for Aunt Shell - today was penguin day at Story Time.  They made these fabulous masks and just had to show you!  (The fact that they are still covered in chocolate is just a bonus)


  1. Aunt Shell, Aunt Shell - you are in the blog again!! Gotta love those penguins!!

    1. Aunt Shell - Funniest moment of story time. The leader asked the group of kids if you can have a penguin for a pet, to which your niece pipes up and says "Aunt Shell wanted to get a penguin, but Unc Duddy (you know how she says it) said no, so they have Barry." I seriously almost piddled myself!