Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Banana Red Velvet Kid Kitchen

 It's Tuesday (my very favorite day of the week around here) which means the kiddos and I had an adventure in the kitchen!

I've been holding onto some overly ripe bananas for us to turn into some yummy banana bread.  I have the best no fail banana bread recipe ever that the kiddos could probably whip up without me.  They love mashing the bananas up and I love how amazing it makes my house smell as it bakes.  What a win win :)

After a snack break we decided to whip up some Red Velvet cookies with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles.  Noah and Mikayla were loving the red dough of the cookies and I thought they were the perfect Valentine's treat.  I popped them in the oven and we took a lunch break where we of course had to cut into the banana bread we had made earlier.  Noah settled for some raspberry jam on his while Mikayla wanted butter.  Then I overheard the following which will make me smile for the next two or three months at least:

Noah:  Can I try yours?
Mikayla:  Yes.  Can I try yours?
Noah:  Yes.
Mikayla:  Noah, I'm sorry I hit you with the car.  (This had happened earlier in the morning)  You're my friend.
Noah:  You're my friend, too.  I love you, no matter what.  Got it, no matter what.

I'm still a big gooey Mama puddle after that one.  I was so stinkin' proud of both of them in that moment that I think they could have behaved like royal terrors the rest of the day (which they haven't, they've been amazingly good!) and I still would have been one proud Mama.

Alright, back to kid kitchen...

So after lunch we set out to frost and decorate.  I let go of my perfectionist tendencies and decided to let them practice their knife skills.  Noah and Mikayla frosted all the cookies all by themselves!  We topped them off with some sprinkles and then dug in.  They were a huge hit as both kiddos had two before we headed off to story time.  We're chalking this Kid Kitchen up as an overwhelming success!

How can you not love these two?

 Mashing and smashing

 Noah has gotten to the point that he can run the hand held mixer by himself

 Proud of their banana bread that is ready for the oven

 Isn't it gorgeous - I love banana bread!

 Red Velvet!

Rolling them out

 Our cookies ready for the oven

 Aren't they lovely?

 Lunch break!

 Ready to frost

 This Mama takes a deep breath while they play with the knives ;-)

 They did a great job

 I even let them lick the knives clean when they were finished

 Frosted and sprinkled

 Think Mikayla liked the cookies?

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