Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Go Scott Go!

 I'm going to start this post in a rather unusual way - by thanking my husband.  Thank you Grant for being open to leaving Florida and relocating our family.  Because of that we are able to be a part of things that we never could have if we lived in Florida.  Like being there today to send Scott and the rest of the Ross swimmers off to the State Swim Meet!

After dropping Noah off at school this morning Kayla and I headed to Fremont to send the swimmers off in style.  Mikayla was decked out in her Uncle Scott supporting gear and lots of purple.  We got to see them for awhile, attend the school pep rally and then watch them climb aboard their bus and head off.  Fun note - a fire truck (with lights going) led the bus out of town!  Go Scott Go!

Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't send a special thank you out to my friend, Jen and her son Jonathon.  She picked up Noah from school and let the boys play so that I could head to Fremont.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm one proud big sister?


Mikayla ready to go (her shirt says: My Godfather swims faster than yours)

 Woo hoo Koz Fan!

 The poster the kiddos made for Uncle Scott

 She was so excited to be there and see him

 And deliver our cookies, of course

 The relay team!

 How awesome are these banners?


 Grandma and Kayla happy dancing

 The relay team at the Pep Rally

 The seniors saying a few words

Hey Scott - Super Proud :)

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  1. Such a great send-off! Scott is one lucky brother/uncle!!