Friday, February 8, 2013

A Gooey Kind of Day

 Well, the snow finally showed up.  As I snuggled with my book on the couch last night sometime around midnight, the outside light was triggered and I saw huge fat flakes moving at a good clip.  An hour later (I'm a night owl, what can I say) it was still falling at the same rate.  By this point I was fairly confident I was going to have one very disappointed little boy this morning when he found out there'd be no PJ day at school today because there'd be no school at all.

So I wasn't surprised this morning when there was a good five inches on the ground and all the schools were shut down.  So after breakfast we bundled up and headed out to play and tackle the shoveling.  Two hours later (I kid you not, it was 9:34 when we headed out and it was 11:36 when we made it back inside) we had a cleared driveway and two very annoyed kiddos.  Annoyed because I told them it was time to go inside!  It was fairly mild out so for two full hours we had no arguing, no whining and lots of delighted giggles and playing.  More than once I thought of playing in the snow with my siblings.  I piled up quite a bit of snow along one side of the driveway and the kids first made a sledding hill out of it and then were walking it claiming it was a mountain and that there were giants chasing them.  It made me think of "Mount Alaska" at my parents.  It was fabulous to get outside and play for a bit.  Though, as I said on Facebook earlier, if Mother Nature is listening, the next time we're going to get 5+ inches could it please be on a weekend so that Grant can be around to help shovel :-p

And don't worry, in the midst of all the shoveling I still found time to make our celebratory food.  Happy National Molasses Bar Day!  I am not a fan of molasses.  Don't like the way it looks, don't like the way it smells, don't like the way it tastes.  Apparently, my entire family strongly disagrees.  The gooey bars were gobbled down for dessert tonight.  I won't be sad to see them go and I'm thinking of baking up something else here yet tonight just to get the smell out of my kitchen...

Grant and the kiddos just headed out to see "Wreck it Ralph" so I have a few hours of quiet.  What will I ever do with myself?  Plan out recipes for next week for sure!  Check us out tomorrow for what I'm sure will be more fun in the snow, a rousing basketball game versus Wisconsin, bagels and lox and my interpretation of "Pizza Pie"  Promises to be entertaining!  Until then...

Noah and Mikayla on their snow pile

 We made snow slushies after lunch

 Molasses bars

 Gooey inside shot

 My latest creation we had with dinner tonight - I'm calling them crunchy biscuit puffs.  The kids loved them

Breakfast for tomorrow.  Had to take a picture of these - there was one lone overly ripe banana that we didn't use for the bread the other day that was begging to get used.  So I found a recipe for banana muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.  The coolest thing about them - they're made with mayonnaise.  Had to try them out for the novelty, will let you know tomorrow how they turned out

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