Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Dance - Part 2!

 Hey, remember how we were happy dancing on Sunday for Scott?

Pull out those dancin' shoes again!!!!

I'm here in Canton and am thrilled to report after this morning's pre-lims the Boys 4 x 50 freestyle relay team from Fremont Ross qualified for the finals tomorrow!

Wiggle that groove thing!  Throw those hands up!  Dance, baby, dance!

Though nothing could ever be done in simple fashion this morning.  Let me recap my day for you.

It started at 3:30am (after Mom and I arrived just before 11:30 last night).  Why was I up at 3:30am?  Because we had to leave here by 4:30 to go stand in line.  Outside.  At 4:30 in the morning.  In Ohio.  In February.  Did I mention that we were supposed to get sleet and snow?  (which fortunately did end up holding off 'til later in the morning)

But take note Ohio Swim people, this was not the best way to run this meet.  While we already had tickets, you actually had to stand in line to get a number  (the first 400 only).  They started handing out numbers to the people in line at 6:00am.  When they opened the doors at 7:00am they then let people in by number order.  If you were over 400 I suppose you had to enter in mass chaos.  Who knows, I was 347.  So just after 6, we got our numbers and headed back to the car for 45 minutes to warm-up.  Before we had to wait outside again.  In the cold.  Until they started calling numbers at 7:00am.  Scott - consider yourself well loved.

So around 7:15 we were all inside (with pretty good seats!) and had to wait for the meet to start at 9:00.  The boys swam event 42 of 48 (the first 24 were Division II, so we technically started at event 25)  So we hung out for most of the meet, very very nervous.

By 11am we were getting close.  The boys were in Heat 3 (of 3, of course!).  24 teams qualified, the top 16 would go on to the final tomorrow.  They swam, we cheered.  We found out they placed 16th.

Mass rejoicing.


We find out there's actually a tie.  For 16th place!  And we have to be in a swim-off.  Nothing like a cliff hanger, here!  So the winner swims in the finals and the loser goes home (good thing I told you the outcome of this story already or you'd have been like all of us fans in the stands, panicked)  And of course the swim-offs aren't until after the end of the meet.

So within the next 45 minutes the meet ends.  There's actually 2 girls events that have swim offs (isn't that crazy?) then us.

Deep breath.

And the boys flew!  Not only did they win the swim-off they set a new school record!!!!  (By half a second at that)  So Scott's name will be added to the wall at the Ross pool - one of his goals for the past four years.

Have I mentioned lately how proud of him I am?

Finals tomorrow!!!!

The boys before their race

 A shot from their seat

 Scott on the blocks getting ready to swim

 And he's off!

 Scott post-swim

 The team pre swim-off

 I'm not sure who was more nervous - them or all the fans!

 Scott on the blocks, round 2

 Watching Chris (our final swimmer)


 So. Stinkin'. Proud.

Graham, Scott, Chris and Trent

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