Thursday, February 14, 2013


 I could wax poetically about love, Valentine's Day and National Cream filled Chocolate Day but today instead I thought I would show you how blessed I am to have the three best Valentine's a girl could ever hope for in my wonderful husband and two adorable kiddos.  Hope that everyone's Valentine's was as joyous as ours!

Starting the day off right with a Valentine's breakfast (and don't worry, I hooked up the hubster before he left for work!)

 Mikayla ready to go for a walk and explore outside (it was nice this morning!)

 And now she's really ready

 I. Am. Blessed.

 We made some cookies for Daddy to share at work (Side giggle- Noah kept reminding me that today was Thursday and "We still get to do Kid Kitchen on Tuesday, right, Mom?")

 Peanut Butter Kisses!

 The Valentine's frames Noah and Kayla made for Grant

 We met Daddy for lunch to celebrate and exchange Valentine's

 The candy bouquet Noah and Kayla made for me

 These are by far the tastiest flowers I've ever gotten

 Grant got me some cuddl duds, which around here we refer to as Kristi's Super Suit so he dressed up with a super K which is now totally hanging on my fridge!

 Jello Parfaits (this is to also celebrate National Jell-O week :) )

 Cherry Enchiladas for dinner (which is also to celebrate National Cherry month, I was really covering all kinds of things today, hehehe)

 Love Potion No. 9

 Happy National Cream filled Chocolates day - I made mine filled with Cherry butter cream

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