Sunday, February 10, 2013

Say Cheese!

 Happy National Cream Cheese Brownie Day.  I don't have too much inspiring or deep to say about the actual brownies, or me making them today.  In fact, I made a big pan of them and gave most of them away.  Which is what was the best thing about today - we headed into Toledo for a few hours today to finally get to catch up with my parents for awhile.

Since the first of the year (other than a brief stop after a doctor's appointment) we haven't been to Fremont nor have we had the chance to see much of my family.  I think my Dad was starting to go through withdrawal.  But with their crazy schedule and our schedule here, even though we're not quite two hours apart it's been difficult to find some time to catch up.

So all four of us were glad to head to the mall and spend a couple of hours hanging out.  We wandered the mall, had a snack, did some shopping - it was great.  Thanks Mom and Dad for making the trip :)

Noah's Valentine's party is tomorrow at school which should prove to be fun.  Plus, the four of us are undertaking a very important mission mid-day - paczki hunting!  We think we've found a locale to pick out the perfect paczki for Tuesday.  Until then..
Cream Cheese Brownies

 A side view (I thought the recipe was a little stingy on the cream cheese, but Grant loved them as he said they were super chocolatey)

I purchased the kiddos their first Valentine's presents today - sunglasses!  Mikayla shows off her at the playground at the mall

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