Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Purple Sign Makin', Chocolate Mint Eatin', Snack Makin' Fools!

 Ever have one of those ideas that seems really great in your head but doesn't end up as easy to execute as you had hoped?  Welcome to my nearly disastrous Kid Kitchen for today.

When we found out that Scott qualified for State and Mikayla and I would be attending the send-off at the high school in the morning I wanted to make something with the kiddos that we could bring for Scott.  I knew it had to be purple.  And white (Ross' colors).  And the purple cupcakes I made for his and Mikayla's birthday were a flop (weird recipe) so we should avoid those.  How about purple cookies?  We could do that, right?  So I settled on mixing up a batch of chocolate chips cookies (a new recipe, my first mistake) that we could dye purple and then swap out the chocolate chips for white chocolate chips.

My biggest mistake was not using my tried and true cc cookie recipe.  I wanted to try something new and the batter was just weird.  This coupled with the fact that with all the 'help' I was receiving from my cheflets led to my second mistake - forgetting the baking powder.  I did catch it before I started mixing in the chips, so it wasn't the end of the world.

My second mistake, buying what I thought was really cool food gel in the color of purple instead of tinting my batter with food coloring like I've done every other time.  The dough on this was so weird, I finally had to actually knead in the food gel by hand.  (The kids really wanted to help, but considering my hands are now purple, I decided they could just watch this time)  The bigger bummer was that I didn't really get the shade of purple I wanted, but dang it they are purple!

Mis-steps or not, the kids loved the cookies.  Noah polished off three after lunch and Mikayla had two.  Hopefully Uncle Scott will enjoy them as well.  And as Noah has said, he has to share them with his 'swim-mates'

After their nap I set them off to decorate the sign for tomorrow.  They had a great time coloring away and Mikayla and I can't wait to take it to Scott!

Don't think I've forgotten - today is National Mint Chocolate Day.  I mixed up today's food (some tri-leveled really cool looking mint chocolate fudge) the other day so I could take it with me to deliver with LJ's pierogies yesterday.  Mom, hope there was some left for you to 'celebrate' too :)

And to wrap up the evening, Noah heads back to school tomorrow and is in charge of bringing the snack.  He and I created his snack masterpiece (cinnamon graham crackers with cream cheese and strawberries!) together tonight.  It makes me smile to know how proud he'll be tomorrow telling everyone he made them himself.

Off to Fremont in the morning and then back here to celebrate Margarita Day!  Until then...

My twosome always loves Kid Kitchen, even if it doesn't go swimmingly...

 Mixing it all up

 Okay, I made it purple, now what..

 Ready for the oven

 Taste test time!

 I swear they're purple!
 Making our sign for Uncle Scott

 Happy National Mint Chocolate Day!

 Making snack for school

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