Monday, February 4, 2013

Soup's on!

 It's snow (Again? Still? Endlessly?) here in Farmington so I suppose that makes it the perfect day to celebrate National Homemade Soup day.  It seemed like a great way to wrap up a day that involved shoveling (for the fifth consecutive day in a row...).  Don't get me wrong, for the most part I'm not complaining about the weather (especially given how mild we've had it thus far) but I won't be sad to see the snow stop falling.  I'll let it stay on the ground, just stop making a mess of my driveway!

But back to the soup.  While I was tempted to pull out my tried and true chicken and noodle soup (not chicken and noodles, chicken and noodle soup.  Big difference around here ;-) ) I decided we'd try something new.  I came across a recipe for lemon orzo soup that I really wanted to try, but when I gave Grant the option of that or what we ended up with, he decided on the safer route.  Oh well, I'm going to hang onto that other recipe and sneak it in on them when they least expect it.

Instead, I made some chicken tortilla soup for dinner tonight.  It passed the taste test (Grant went back for seconds) and it made my house smell fabulous.  It was only supposed to cook for a few minutes, but I ended up throwing everything in my pot and letting it simmer most of the afternoon. The homemade tortilla strips topping it off added the perfect crunch and texture.  Hooray for homemade soup day!

In other news, what the heck was up with the Super Bowl last night?  I am chalking it up as the weirdest Super Bowl ever!  I was certainly glad last night that I wasn't an employee of the New Orleans power company.  More than one head rolled on that one today, I'm sure.  Grant and I took turns guessing what it was that had caused the outage - I went with some diva demand of Beyonce's (what a crummy half-time show that was) though Grant was thinking squirrels.  Regardless, it was strange.

Now, allow me to step up on my soap box for just a minute if you will, while I discuss my feelings on the commercials.  My overall reaction - meh.  And while I enjoyed the offerings from M&M's, the Kia one with the kid asking the Dad where babies came from, the Tide one with the "miracle stain", the Taco Bell old people and especially loved the Budweiser Clydesdale, they were all overshadowed by the horrendous offering(s) from Go  I specifically point at the one in the first quarter with the disgusting make-out session.  I wouldn't consider myself a prude but I was embarrassed just to be watching it!  I had ignored the controversy that has brewing over it the past few days so I was completely unprepared or let me tell you, my kids would NOT have been in the room.  As I told Grant, I don't care if it was two absolutely beautiful people caught in a lip lock, I don't want to see it!  And at 7pm at night!  Grrr, not that I would have ever used their services anyway, but Go should be ASHAMED of themselves...


My kiddos are still coming down off the high that was yesterday (I think Mikayla has told me at least 8 times today that she saw Abby Cadabby) and made my whole day today when we went out after lunch so that I could shovel us out and they could play.  At one point, I looked up and Mikayla was 'shoveling' out my flower beds.  Deciding it wasn't the hill I wanted to die on, I let her be.  A few minutes later I see Noah 'shoveling' the yard.  Finally curious, I asked what he was doing.  Making piles to build a snow ball fort.  Well there you go!

Kid Kitchen and some chocolate fondue tomorrow!  Until then...

Chicken tortilla yumminess

Soup's on at the Gatchel's - come and get it!

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