Monday, February 25, 2013

Gone to the Dogs

 Saturday when I wasn't here I missed Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.  As this has been weighing very heavily on me (just kidding!) I wanted to make sure we didn't forget the canine member of our family on a day when she can join in on the celebrations.  So the kids set out to make things straight today by making not just one, but two kinds of doggy treats for our four legged friend. You'll have to check out the pictures of our "Doggy Donuts" and the Cornmeal Dog treats me made.

Today was also the day that they rescheduled PJ day for at school.  It is amazing how smoothly a morning can run when I don't even have to worry about getting them dressed before heading out the door!  Mikayla insisted that she be allowed to wear her PJ's all day, too.  Figuring it wouldn't hurt anything and as we wouldn't be going anywhere because of what I did to the car yesterday I agreed.  Then she informed me that I too had to wear my PJ's today.  So here I am, after 6pm on a Monday night decked out in my awesome blue Monkees PJs just for Mikayla.  I do have to run out here a little later and think that I'll at least be changing my pants...

As for today's celebration, there are actually two.  It is National Clam Chowder Day.  Again.  Or to clarify, last month was specifically New England clam chowder and today is just clam chowder.  So instead of having something we'd already tried again (though it was a huge hit here) I decided to try my hand at some Manhattan style clam chowder.  A polling of the Gatchel family revealed that while everyone would be more than happy to eat either kind again Grant and Kayla prefer the Manhattan (red) and Noah and I are happier with the New England (white).  I was just glad that what I believe to be another unusual food for a three and four year old to enjoy didn't even phase my twosome.

It's also National Chocolate Covered Nuts day.  I picked up a bag of twice dipped chocolate covered peanuts at the store yesterday (I know, for once I didn't make it myself, shame shame!) and we had them on bananas for dinner.  Now, oddly enough, both of my kiddos who sometimes put up a fuss about nuts in any other form than 'butter' LOVED the chocolate covered peanuts.  I guess it just proves that everything really does go better with chocolate.

My car has been fixed and looks wonderful (yay!) so I'm going to stop beating myself up over it now. (Hopefully)  Accidents happen.  I'm just very thankful that they got it done today as they are calling for rain which is to turn into snow which is to accumulate 5-8 inches overnight tomorrow.  Driving with no back windshield in that could have been a real mess...

Tomorrow is Chili Day and Pistachio day (again!).  Plus we're FINALLY going to celebrate Sweet Potatoes for Noah in Kid Kitchen tomorrow.  Until then...

They were so excited to get to play in the kitchen and make something for Bella

 They wanted me to take this picture to prove to everyone that I was in my PJ's.

 Noah stirring up the Doggy donuts

 And I wanted a picture of me snuggling my two faves

 Putting the wholes in the donuts

 Ready for the oven

 These are the corn meal biscuits

 Which they got to roll out, their favorite!

 Doggy Donuts out of the oven

 Sharing with our favorite Beagle

 Chocolate covered peanuts and bananas

 Noah brought home Calvin from school again today

Manhattan Clam Chowder

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