Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Margarita Madness

 You say Margarita, I think my Mom.  She loves a good Margarita!  So when everything went down the way it did and I found out I'd be seeing her today I was all excited to celebrate!  (Not that Scott's send off wasn't reason enough to celebrate, but you know what I mean!)  Then she broke it to me - she gave up alcohol for lent.  Bummer...

So back to the drawing board.  I remembered that not only would my Mom not be able to enjoy a good margarita but neither would Noah and Mikayla unless I came up with something else.  So for here I went with a personal favorite of mine for dinner tonight - Margarita Grilled Chicken!  I could probably go to Chili's every night of the week and eat only that from their menu and be a happy girl.  I even created some yummy rice with corn, black beans and lime to go along with it.  (and some homemade lime flavored tortilla chips, too)  It was a hit!

But I still hadn't come up with anything to share with Mom.  Last week when I was coming up with my recipes for this week's celebration I had tagged a recipe for "margarita balls"  Taking another look at it I figured I could make it sans alcohol and it would be just as yummy.  I'll have to let Mom weigh in on if they satisfied at least a little bit of the craving for her, but I know that Noah and Mikayla loved them!  Mikayla ate 4 of them and would have probably had more if I would have let her.

So moral of today, it is possible to 'celebrate' Margarita day without actually having a margarita!  Sticky buns tomorrow (and I'll give you a sneak peak at my creation for Friday since I won't be here for its official celebration) before I head off to Canton!  Until then...

Eat your heart out Chili's, this is my version of Margarita Grilled Chicken :)

 If we weren't going to have real margaritas we at least had to use the proper stemware

Hmmm, might have to make these again for St. Patrick's day given how festive they look...

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