Monday, February 18, 2013


 Mikayla's favorite Disney princess is Ariel.  She is all about the Little Mermaid (though true to her God Mama's heart Cinderella is close on her heels and is sometimes the favorite if you ask her).  So I was a little apprehensive about trying to explain today's celebratory food to her because of the images in created in my own brain.  Today is National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day.

Honestly, all I could think of is that hilarious scene from the Little Mermaid of the French chef in the kitchen making stuffed crab while Sebastian (the crab) looks on.  Plus, to confuse the situation even further Ariel's favorite fish pal's name is actually Flounder!  I was afraid I was going to scar my tiny princess forever with this food.

Apparently though, it is only my mind that drifted to that (surprise surprise) horrifying place and neither Noah or Mikayla were phased in the least by today's celebratory food.  They (as is evidenced by this project I'm undertaking) are relatively good about trying new things and I've never had a problem getting either of them to eat fish (Noah especially loves tilapia).  But I was amazed at how quickly dinner disappeared tonight.  It might have had a least a little to do with today's other celebration - Drink Wine Day.  No, I didn't allow my three and four year old to taste the fruit of the vine, but I did let them have some grape soda in wine glasses so they could pretend. So I suppose it's no small wonder how quickly dinner vanished after I said "take two bites and then you can have a drink of soda".  Some days you have to decide which battles to pick...

I've got to say that it's been a pretty great day all around.  Since Noah had no school today and Grant was off as well we took the opportunity to head down to Toledo and meet up with my Dad and Shell for lunch at Chick-fil-A.  I haven't seen Shell in quite some time (I think since our trip to Imagination Station) so it was great to catch up with her a bit.  And even better, I'll get to see her again later this week when we all head to Canton for the State Swim Meet!

I'm very excited to say that Grant has been able to swing working from home on Friday so I can head to Canton with my parents and Shell to support Scott.  As I said yesterday, I am one super proud sister!  Kayla and I are even going on Wednesday for the big send off of the swimmers!  Ross (Scott's high school) qualified 10 swimmers overall (6 girls, 4 boys) which is fabulous!  Rumor has it that we might even be creating something just for Uncle Scott in Kid Kitchen tomorrow...  So until then...

Drink wine day!  (Grant and I cracked a bottle of Cabernet while the kiddos sipped a very finely aged Faygo Grape ;-) )

 Crab stuffed Flounder, eat your heart out!

Pretty proud of this one, was a little apprehensive about it :)

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