Friday, February 15, 2013

Goody Goody Gumdrops!

If there were any more sugar in my house right now, the house would probably literally melt down around us if it started raining.  I am up to my eyeballs in sugar and sweet things and then we get hit with today's celebration - National Gumdrop Day!  A sugary gooey treat that is covered in even more sugar.  *sigh*

So I tried to find a way to celebrate gumdrops without upping the sugar levels around here.  I came across a recipe for a quick bread that used gumdrops and I thought that was better than nothing.  Think fruitcake, which is exactly what it reminded me of (thought not as buttery) when I sliced into it.  The kids thought it was just OK this morning and I felt like we were not in the true celebration stage of gumdrops.  It isn't the poor gumdrops fault that its celebration falls the day after Valentine's Day.  On to plan B...

Art project time!  Who knew that a bag of gumdrops, some toothpicks and a small styrofoam ball was all we needed to celebrate?  The kids had a blast creating a gumdrop door hanger.  Just in case you were wondering, Mikayla's favorite kind are the purples, Noah is partial to the white and I like the green ones :)  Gumdrop, consider yourself sufficiently celebrated by the Gatchel's.

I also worked in this a celebration that is this week - Kraut and Frankfurters.  Such a weird combination to me.  Beans and Weenies, OK.  Kraut and pork, yum.  But sauerkraut and hot dogs?  Plus, I had to do some research into what a frankfurter actually consisted of.  In case you are wondering, it's any hot dog.  Doesn't have to be anything more specific than that.  So Kraut and Franks for dinner tonight it is.  And before anyone starts giving me a hard time about it being Friday and me serving hot dogs, my kiddos are too young to have to follow the Lenten restrictions, Grant's not Catholic and I don't eat hot dogs at all because someone once told me they were made with ground up earthworms and I've sadly never been able to get past that one...  So I settled on a veggie burger instead ;-)

I'm off to Fremont late afternoon tomorrow to cheer on my baby brother as he swims in his final (well, maybe not final if he qualifies for State but we're not talking about that) high school swim meet.  I am so stinkin' proud of him!  But we'll celebrate tomorrow (Almonds!) twice before I head out and I'll try to get the pictures posted before I leave.  Until then...

Gumdrop bread

 Step 1)  Sort all the gumdrops

 They did an awesome job - not one in the wrong place!
 Mikayla decorating her door hanger

 Noah shows off his progress

 Noah's finished project

 He ended up finishing up the one I started 

 Mikayla's finished project

 Cute, huh?

 After they finished their project they helped me out.  Mikayla matched all the socks and Noah folded them.  

Kraut and Frankfurters

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