Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kid Kitchen Gives Back

 I have often said that Tuesday is my favorite day of the week around here.  Not only do I look forward to Kid Kitchen just as much as the kiddos do but I adore heading to story time at the downtown branch of the library in the afternoon.  So today we decided to combine the two :)

We mixed up a batch of cherry kiss cookies and took them all to our favorite librarians as a Valentine's Day treat.  I was so proud of my kiddos that there wasn't one bit of guff about not getting any of the cookies, they were so excited to take them and share and tell everyone they had made them themselves.  Plus their kitchen skills are improving.  Noah actually used a big kid knife today and diced up all the cherries for the cookies.

A big gold star for Noah and Mikayla today :)

My lovies

 Noah working his knife skills

 Pretty pink batter

 Noah showing he diced all the cherries

 Even prettier pink now that we mixed in the cherries

 Always the kids favorite part - rolling them out

 Unwrapping the almond kisses

 Ready for baking

 Lunch break (I'd like to point out that my kids do not usually eat lunch sitting on the floor but they view it as a huge treat that I usually let them on Tuesday...)

 Putting on the kisses

 All ready for the library

 I thought these turned out really cute - I'd definitely make them again

During the mixing they both pointed out to me repeatedly that their were no eggs in the batter so they could lick the beaters.  I'm such a softie some days

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