Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 I consider the happenings around here this morning a big enough deal to post them already :)  Here's how the morning started:

I go to wake up Noah, by gently opening his door and peeking in.  He comes zooming out past me yelling "Paczki!" at the top of his lungs.  I was one proud Polish Mama ;-)

Yesterday we made our trip to Heritage Bakery to pick out our paczki (which means "little pockets" in Polish).  Noah settled on apple, Mikayla and I decided to share a strawberry and Grant got an apple and a raspberry.  We were each happy with our paczek (that's the singular form for those wondering) and couldn't wait for this morning.

Dad, you'll be happy to know that the Polish blood runs true in both of your grandkids. Noah scarfed down his entire paczek and Mikayla made it through over half of hers.  I thought the strawberry one was super yummy (and a flavor I hadn't had before.  Heritage bakery had 10 flavors to chose from which is one of the widest selections I've ever seen) and I'll let Grant weigh in on his later.

Kid Kitchen, swedish pancakes and latkes to celebrate International Pancake Day to follow...  Happy Fat Tuesday, all!

Kayla's strawberry on the left, Noah's apple on the right

The kid couldn't wait

 Kayla's first taste

 She was a bit of a grump when she first woke up this morning. Then the sugar hit...

 Noah showing off his apple filling

 Kayla tackling the strawberry

My truly Polish kid!

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