Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Noah makes dinner

 Last time he was the star at school (which he is again this week and next week) Noah came home and told me that when asked what his favorite food was he said tortellini.  This was news to me.  Last year it was my chicken and noodles.  So while I wasn't thrilled to lose my status on the top of his list, I was glad that every time he's asked he comes up with something a-typical of the average four year old.  While hot dogs, pizza and PB&J are all well and good it makes me smile that his palate (even at four) is a little broader than that.

So it comes as no surprise that Noah has been waiting for today (National Tortellini Day) for weeks.  (Side note, he has also reminded me every time we are at a grocery store that this month is National Sweet Potato month and that he would really like sweet potatoes)  Every time we've gone to the store he asks if we can get tortellini.  I keep reminding him gently that we have to save it to February 13th to celebrate.  Yesterday, he said to me "Mom, this is the coolest week ever - today is paczki day, tomorrow is tortellini day and Thursday is Valentine's day!"

To make today extra special for Noah I decided to let him make dinner tonight!  I had recently run across a recipe for making ravioli in the crock pot and knew that I could swap out the ravioli for tortellini tonight and that Noah could very easily put it together.  His step by step tutorial follows for anyone interested ;-)

Can't wait for Valentine's Day tomorrow - I promise you won't want to miss what I turn out ;-)  Until then...

 Add the tortellini

 Add the sauce

Stir well

 Turn on the crock pot 
Sprinkle on the cheese 20 minutes before serving

Noah's tortellini!

 Not to be left out, Mikayla wanted to help by setting the table

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  1. And who says kids can't learn to be part of the family when it comes to making meals and helping around the house. EXCELLENT!