Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tea-Riffic Thursday

Oy vey - this week may do me in!  Short post as I've been running around all day between MOPS, a meeting to start to plan out the activities for the Cub Scout this year (so excited to be part of this!), rushing home to prep dinner, spend some time at work and all the rest of the usual hubbub that goes on around here.  The kiddos did their maps (Noah's Elvis RULES!) and we feasted on a dinner of Loveless Cafe Southern Mac & Cheese and Loveless Cafe Caramel Sweet Potatoes.  I also pulled out the Tennessee Tea cakes  that I made last night.  (If you get a minute, go check out this site to read about how these came to be)  Grant was most bummed (after being my taste tester last night) that I took these to MOPS with me to share.  Little did he know that I held a few back for him :)  Going to wrap this up tonight as everyone is actually home for once and I want to go ENJOY that.  There's a game of Go Fish going on that I want to get in on!

Noah only has a half day tomorrow and I've been looking forward to tomorrow night for weeks - we're going on an Enchanted Trick or Treat Hike at Kenbrook elementary (Farmington peeps - this is an event open to anyone - message me if you want to come with or want more info!) through the woods tomorrow night!  Can't wait!  So until then...

Tennessee Fun Fact of the Day: The largest earthquake in American history, the New Madrid Earthquake occurred in the winter of 1811-12 in northwestern Tennessee. Reelfoot Lake located in Obion and Lake Counties was formed during this earthquake.

Pretty Tea Cakes

Mikayla's (sideways, not sure why) Tennessee - she's got Fed Ex vehicles and Piggly Wiggly in here

Noah's Tennessee- that's Elvis on top, a FedEx plane and the brown on the side is a goo goo cluster - I love it!

His best Elvis face

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Yum, mac and cheese!

Think I was going for a University of Tennessee orange theme tonight...

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