Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Haven't Been There and Couldn't Pronounce it if we had...

Sometimes, when your plans don't work out, it means you spend the morning dancing in your kitchen :)  And that's OK!  While I was bummed that I wasn't able to catch up with Stacia this morning, I instead took advantage of a quiet kid free house to catch up on some random odds and ends, do some cleaning and have a solo dance party around my kitchen.  (I'm currently hooked on Meghan Trainor's "Title" even though it is oh so wrong...)  It was a great way to spend a couple of hours before picking up the Bean.

The Bean who had an awesome grey day at school talking about elephants.  She was full of all kinds of tales of her day while we went coat shopping.  We found one she really liked that I wasn't sure would be warm enough long-term, and one I really liked that she wasn't sold on because it wasn't pink.  So we compromised, said we'd try a couple more places on Friday and if we didn't find anything she would go for the one I suggested.  I was so proud of her ability to see past the 'I want" and NOT throw a fit about it!

We made it home for a late lunch and she spent a little bit of time tracking down a few of the letters for the "We've Been There" state.  Noah helped her finish it up when he got home and then spent the rest of the time until dinner entertaining each other to various degrees of success. The game of choice for awhile was "train" where they made up the cars.  They crack me up!

I promised unpronounceable dishes for dinner tonight and I don't disappoint.  Tonight's main course was KHACHAPURI .  The dish actually has Georgian origins (the country!) and is described as basically being a cheese filled bread.  Like its Northern counterpart, South Dakota has a strong population base of Eastern European descendants, and this is a popular dish in the state.  Just like I knew it would be here!  I mean - cheese stuff bread - how could I go wrong with my crew?  Oh, and a recipe note, I had to look up what 'brick' cheese was.  If you're curious - brick cheese actually comes from Wisconsin and is described as having a mild, earthy flavor.  I wasn't able to find brick cheese, but acceptable substitutes are Lagerkaese, Havarti, Jack cheese, and cheddar.  I ended up going with a Cheddar Jack tonight :)  I will admit we had a few blow outs and the nice little cute pockets didn't all hold up.  But it still tasted good!  For dessert I made ÆBLEKAGE.  I got the recipe from South Dakota magazine.  I'm not sure what South Dakota connections it has other than that, but it was easy, knew the crew would like it and that was enough for me!

Tomorrow's a big day around here - Fun Run!  This is the really big fundraiser at Beechview and I'll be there most of the day helping out.  I know Noah's excited when he asked if he could go to bed early tonight so he would be well rested.  I've also got an easy 'meat and potatoes' dinner planned and a fall twist on South Dakota's state bread.  Alright, off to paint the Bean's nails!  So until then...

South Dakota Fun Fact of the Day:  The Badlands are known as “the playground” of the dinosaur. The Badlands National Park has fossils including a dog-sized camel, three-toed horse, and saber-toothed cat.

The hat, the jacket, the boots (and this is not the best picture of it) - she makes me smile

Speaking of smiling!

She did some work on the "We've Been There State'

Aren't they pretty pre-oven?

Nope, no Gatchel's have made it here

So some of them exploded a little bit...

But some stayed and were beautiful!

Dinner time

The inside of a khachpuri - yum!  Everyone really liked these - Grant said they'd be really great for breakfast

Oooh pretty layers!

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