Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scouting out BG with Uncle Scott

For a few weeks now the Bean has been asking to make a trip down to Bowling Green during the day to visit with Uncle Scott, see his dorm and have lunch.  The stars FINALLY aligned today and we were able to head down there.  Many thanks to my brother for putting up with us :-p  I know it not be cool to show your big sister and 4 year old niece around campus but you made her day.  We got in the car and she said "Mama, can we come see Uncle Scott again next Thursday?"  Also got to see my Mom for awhile and lunch with the lovely Miss Ali as well.  Good to catch up!

The drive also gave me plenty of time to get even more excited about tonight's start of the AL play-offs!  My Tigers take on the Orioles tonight, tomorrow afternoon (noon on a Friday, COME ON, MLB!) and then back here in the D on Sunday afternoon (at the same time the Lions are playing at Ford Field - did I say COME ON, MLB! yet?).  I'm letting my crew feast and watch the game tonight.  (Again, a 5:30 start time, really???)

And feast we are on another Rhode Island.  Tonight I made Calico Clams Casino.  Clams Casino originated in Rhode Island where it was invented by Julius Keller, the maitre d' in the origanl Casino next to the seaside Towers in Narragansett.  More seafood is always a hit around here - at least with the Bean.  For dessert last night I made Cobblestones.  Colonial seaports received plentiful supplies of raisins,which were used in cooking and as treats for the children as they are in these cookies.  Honestly, to me, there are just chocolate chip cookies with raisins instead of chocolate chips but everyone here LOVED them.  Maybe it was the use of all brown sugar (which did give them a pretty color as well.) but I think Grant and Mikayla each had two last night (after the cabinets...) before they had even sufficiently cooled. 

Things got a little haywire here tonight trying to juggle schedules so I had to miss out on the jewelry party.  Booo....  But I am getting to catch the game, then.  And I'm going to remember tonight that they switched the start time of Grey's to 8pm so I don't miss it like last week (grumble grumble grumble ABC.  Though I was able to catch in on demand.)  Not sure what tomorrow looks like other than no school for the Bean since they are (get this) repaving the parking lot.  Seriously?  Otherwise it does include pizza specialty from Rhode Island and a dessert known simply as dough boys.  Oh, and Tigers.  (in the middle of the day - COME ON, MLB!)  So until then...

Rhode Island Fun Fact of the Day:  Nine Men's Misery monument in Cumberland is the oldest known monument to veterans in the United States. It was erected in memory of the colonists killed in Pierce's Fight during King Phillips War in 1676.

This makes me smile

Hanging out in Uncle Scott's room

He even bought her pizza for lunch at the Union

Mikayla's Rhode Island

The top right blue is the people settling Rhode Island after they left Massachusetts, the far left blue is the big blue bug, the yellow is Del's lemonade and the bottom left is store in the mall!

Noah's Rhode Island - the red are tennis rackets, the blue is the big blue bug drinking a Del's Lemonade, and then the man is George Cohan signing "You're A Grand Old Flag" :)

This is when I told him that the whole state was upside down :-p

Calico Clams Casino

Busy day means kind of a thrown together dinner


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