Sunday, October 26, 2014

Be On The Look-Out!

Attention Citizens of the United States:

Notorious super thief, Miss Nita Direction, has escaped from custody and is currently at large,  It is feared that Miss Direction has plans to continue her quest to steal all fifty of the United States and put them under the rule of her crime syndicate, Burglars and Delinquents (BAD).

We were at the Ministry of Modern Goodness (MOMG) are committed to protecting our great nation and its citizens to the fullest extent possible.  In order to apprehend the suspect, we are in the process of enlisting the assistance of two of our best up and coming agents, Sleuths Noah and Mikayla Gatchel to head the search.  The two investigators are currently wrapping up a year long study of the fifty states and will be avaiclabe to being the hunt for Miss Direction beginning January 1, 2015.

Citizens, please do not be alarmed!  Nita is not considered to be dangerous, just sneaky!  She is known for leading agents on a wild good chase across the country through sightings, clues, puzzles and hints she leaves for her pursuers.  We are at MOMG are confident in the abilities of the Gatchel's based on their learning from the past year and are sure they will capture Miss Direction as soon as possible.

Concerned citiens are being asked by MOMG to aid Noah and Mikayla in their search,  Direction is rumored to often be spotted in the state she is currently planning to steal and the ability to track her this way will be beneficial to the Gatchel's.  If you are interested in being on the look-out for Nita while she is in your area or gathering clues and forwarding them up to our two detectives, MOMG would be most thankful for your assistance.  For further information on this opportunity, please contact Kristi Gatchel, the Chief of MOMG, through this blog, on Facebook, or at her email address of  All assistance will be most appreciated and will aid in the apprehension of Nita Direction in a timely fashion.  Please stay tuned for more information over the next few weeks as our detectives finish their state project study and learn as much as possible to aid in their next big adventure.


Chief Kristi Gatchel
Ministry of Modern Goodness

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