Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from The Hills

Spooktacular greetings from the Hills tonight.  We have had one very busy Halloween Day full of the Bean's costume parade this morning, errands, cleaning and prep for the Chili Cook-Off, packing for the crew to head out in the morning, Noah's class Halloween party, Trick or Treating in some very frigid weather (I can't believe they went out again!)  and of course, our annual 'spooky' dinner!  Pictures are always better than my ramblings and while we're feasting on mummies and new eyes, we're watching Tim Burton's Corpse Bride as a special Halloween themed dinner and a movie.  (Side note, I totally had them in bed last night and then went in and got them up for a treat and a viewing of "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" - it's not truly Halloween without seeing this movie!)  Not sure who's taking the camera and what posts will look like the next couple of days, but I'll update as I can.  I'm debating posting Utah 'as scheduled' on Monday or waiting 'til the crew get back on Monday, so check back in occassionally until Tuesday, when we'll all be back here yet again to start on the Beehive State!  I know the gang is looking forward to Illinois and I'm looking forward to the party tomorrow and then working on all kinds of things that tend to slip through the cracks around here.  So until next time...

Texas Fun Fact of the Day:  In Texas, it's illegal to put graffiti on someone else's cow.  (But on your own, totally legal :-p)

Happy Halloween morning!

Miss Stella was Anna - Kayla went nuts

Fashion show!

The Bean's class

Her friend, T is the Elsa on the bottom right and Mario is the biggest 5 year old baseball fan I know!

Parade time

The two most adorable Elsa's

Better smiles, blurry film, grr

She came home and diligently did her homework since she won't have the chance otherwise- so proud of her

Oh, and ate the cookie she frosted (I mean, covered in sprinkles) at her party this morning

Texas scrapbook page is done!

At Batman's party

I helped the kiddos make Frankenstein puddings!

These were two of my favorite Franks

Story time!

Eye of Newt (Just a note, I didn't use the recipe to make my egg filling but was inspired by the pic)

And a spider!

This is why he braved the sleet and 30 mile per hour winds tonight

A Halloween feast at the Gatchel's!

She loved the eyes of newt!

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