Friday, October 24, 2014

One Enchanted Evening

We just got home from one of the most fun events we've been to in a long time!  Kenbrook Elementary here in town put on an enchanted hike in the woods behind their school.  This non-scary trek had the fourth graders setting up 'stations' through the woods for the kids to trick or treat at and the money they raised then goes to pay for their end of the year party.  What a great idea!  And my kids LOVED it!  There were sport stations they got to play certain sports, fairies hiding in the forest, Frozen, Star Wars, a girl that was one really great witch (she ended everything she said with 'my dear' it was too cute) and so much more!  Even better we got to share it with friends tonight.  A whole group came over here for dinner before and then we headed up to Kenbrook for the evening.  (Oh, and I made this Tennessee Ernie Ford's Pea Picking Cake for dessert.  It was supposed to be for tomorrow, but why share all the goodness of this one!  And in case you're wondering, rumor has it that this is 1) also known as a pig picking cake in some places in the south and 2) is called 'pea pickin' because this recipe specifically comes from Ernie Ford who was a chef that had the catch phrase of 'bless your pea picking heart'..  I know you were just dying to know that one.)  This was such a great night!  AND, though I'm not ready to dish the details, my hemming and hawing is FINALLY at an end and I for sure have settled on next year's project.  It's going to stem off what we're doing now, and I am SO EXCITED.

Noah and Grant are going on a Cub Scout Go-See to the fire station tomorrow (they're going to set a car on fire!) while Kayla and I head to Trunk or Treat at OLS.  Then we're all going to the festivities downtown before coming back here to watching the big game!  A busy week followed by an even busier weekend.  So until then...

Tennessee Fun Fact of the Day: Davy Crockett was not born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, as the song says. He was born on the banks of Limestone Creek near Greeneville, where a replica of the Crockett's log cabin stands today.

Dinner time!

Pea Picking Cake

Getting in line for the hike

Reading the rules

Queen Elsa playing hockey at one of the stations

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