Wednesday, October 8, 2014

From Pumpkins to Pearls

Did anyone else remember to get up a little early this morning, head outside and catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse?  I did, and while I thought it was cool, I was a little bummed at the lack of red color they had been touting.  We had shown Noah video of what was supposed to happen last night, so once he made sure there was a clear view of the western sky, Grant even got NJ up for a few minutes to check it out.  

Eclipse or no, the big thing on today's agenda was a trip to 3 Cedars Farm for the Bean and I to pick a pumpkin with her pre-school (try saying that 3 times fast!).  It was a tad chilly and windy but we (mostly) didn't let that stop us from nabbing two delightful pumpkins that are currently decorating the front porch along with the ones my parents got the kiddos.  Mikayla wanted to carve, but I explained they were actually pie pumpkins.  So without missing a beat she asked me when we were having pumpkin pie then.  Right Bean, I'll get right on that!

This afternoon once I got NJ home the Dynamic Duo worked on finding all the letters for the We've Been There State.  Noah has gotten to sit this activity out the past few weeks and Mikayla has become quite the pro.  I've reminded them both (though I know Mikayla doesn't remember and I'd be surprised if Noah did) that they have spent some time in South Carolina as we vacationed there the June after the Bean was born  (gee, guess that means 4 1/2 years ago - wow!)  They got that done and Mikayla was coloring away and my little reader shared with me his book for the day while I made dinner.

A dinner we yet again had to eat early as Grant and Noah were off tonight at a Den meeting for Cub Scouts.  So tonight we feasted on another lowcountry dish South Carolina She-Crab Soup.  According to What's Cooking America's website:  "Charleston, South Carolina is known for their elegant She Crab Soup. A cross between a bisque and a chowder, made with their famous blue crab meat. In elegant society, terrapin, oyster, or crab soups were the accepted preliminary to a sumptuous banquet.  This soup/bisque/chowder is considered the city's signature dish. Local restaurants offer their own version, and in many Charleston restaurants, the soup du jour is often She Crab Soup. With the abundance of blue crabs available in the coastal Carolina waters, this soup became very popular."  I saw this dish and knew I had to make it for my Bean.  (She's getting shrimp twice this week too spoiled little girl!)  With it I made these Plantation Muffins who's 'secret' ingredient is rice!  Though rice isn't a primary cash crop for South Carolina anymore, the history of it being cultivated in the state defines it.  Added bonus - I used some of the rice that Carol sent us in our mail on Monday, so we were eating authentic South Carolina rice :)  For dessert I tried my hand at these Lady Baltimore cupcakes.  Now, I did have every intention when I first came up with my recipes to make this full Lady Baltimore cake  as Alicia Rhett Mayberry, a great lady of Charleston who is usually thought to have introduced the cake.  But upon further thought realized this VERY sweet and rich cake probably didn't need to happen this week.  So I scaled it back to cupcakes (to still get the idea.)  Unfortunately, I had a bit of a disagreement with the meringue frosting.  (Apparently my definition of soft peaks and recipe's was a touch different)  But I made it work!  I probably won't be making it or (or even attempting it) again, as no one really loved these.

We sent Noah and Grant off and Mikayla and I settled in  to work on her craft project for the week.  I mentioned earlier in the week that a true Southern lady is never without her pearls.  So we decided to make Mikayla her own!  I love the Bean - she makes me laugh.  I had fun with her tonight doing this while the boys were off on their own.  She was quite distressed about Noah not making one with her to which I told her I had something else in mind for Noah.  She told me "And he's not a lady, Mom!"  Exactly Bean :-p  Now she'll be all the rage if we ever take another trip to South Carolina!

Tomorrow if another busy one for me with MOPS and a PTA Board meeting.  BUT we FINALLY get a night to all eat dinner together and enjoy being together after that.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I am making another Southern staple for dinner with a salute to the South Carolina peach (which rumor has it could give Georgia a run for its money).  And the kids are going to draw their maps of their favorite parts of South Carolina.  So until then...

South Carolina Fun Fact of the Day:  The only commercial tea plantation in America is in South Carolina on Wasmalaw Island.

Attempting some selfies

A goofy one too

Searching for the perfect pumpkin

Found one!

Attempting some class pictures

Donut Time

A horse is a horse

Playing in the corn box

Working away

We've all been there!

Up on the wall

She Crab Soup

Dinner Time

Stuffing Lady Baltimore Cupcakes

Not my best work...

But they still tasted good

Stringing her pearsl

One beautiful little girl

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