Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One Amazing Tennessee Mail Call

 Some things around here deserve their own post.  An epic mail call from Gallatin, Tennessee is one of those things!  Grant's Aunt Vickie and Uncle Steve live there and his cousin Chelsee goes to the University of Tennessee.  (His other cousin, Adam is also in the area I believe, but not exactly sure where)  Anyway, Aunt Vickie has been on board since the beginning of the project to put together something for Tennessee week and WOW did she deliver!  Yesterday afternoon a very heavy package arrived on our front door, and with as busy as yesterday was, I knew we wouldn't have the time to give it that it deserved, so I was extra thankful for Noah's delayed start this morning so we could open the package.

It was FULL of Tennessee goodness!  Everything from Jack Daniels grilling sauce (which is perfect since today is my salute to Jack - check back from more on that later), to actual goo goo clusters like from yesterday, to moon pies (which I'm trying my hand at tomorrow), to a TN cookbook, a CD full of bluegrass music (which we jammed out to while we worked on our banjos this morning - more on that later too), to books, cups from the University, a cast iron skillet (and a shout out that Cracker Barrel originated in TN), to a map, to a TON of pamphlets, books, information guides and fun stuff from all the big cities.  My kids are over the moon (pies, which we of course had to try out!)!!!  And they are all over planning a trip to Tennessee now.  Aunt Vickie (with a shout-out to Chelsee who helped) thank you SO much!  This was awesome.  Noah told me he can't wait to get home from school so he can continue looking through everything.  Tennessee became tangible today and you made my job of bringing it to them so easy this week (which is an extra thank you from me because it's a really busy week around here)  You'll have to check out all the pictures below to see what I mean.  Thank you thank you thank you!  I'll be back with more later, so until then...

Mail call!

Digging in

It was overflowing

Noah chose the Jack Daniels BBQ sauce

He was excited - we of course opened it and taste tested it right away

Mikayla found the cook book

Can't wait to dig into this

Noah reading the note on the bluegrass CD

She made her version yesterday, can't wait to try out the the real thing later

Moon pies!

A cast iron skillet from Cracker Barrel


Finding Gallatin on the map

Reading about the ABC's of things to do in Nashville

I have multiple recipes this week from Loveless Cafe!

A whole lotta information!

Posing with all their goodies

I told them could try one treat - they chose the vanilla moon pies

It's official - they can't wait to go to Tennessee!

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