Friday, October 10, 2014

Fire Fried Friday

God works in amazing ways.  Like the people that He brings into our lives.  And I must have done something right at some point to have gathered the friends around me that I have.  I was fortunate enough to get to spend my morning among some of those friends.  I had coffee with Alyson while the Bean was in school and then Tess, A and I took Charlie (the wagon) for a spin up to get the Bean a bit later.  It made for such a great morning and I am eternally thankful for the friends that we have made since we moved here. What a great way to wrap up a crazy week.

This afternoon was spent catching up on laundry, making Cheese Straws (a true southern specialty!), prepping up tonight's dessert of a Sad Cake, work and grabbing Noah from the bus before racing home quickly to get a dinner of Calabash Style Popcorn Shrimp and South Carolina Slaw on the table.  Why was I rushing?  Because we were off to the Farmington Hills Fire Department Open House!  My NJ has always loved fire trucks and the chance to climb on them, talk to the fire fighters and see where they live is right up his alley.  We've done this the past couple of years and knew we didn't want to miss out.  Plus, we saw so many people we knew!  We've always loved it here, but as the kids are getting more and more involved (and Grant and I as well) it is starting to feel more and more like we're settled.  Love me the Hills!

We're all super excited to head off to Ohio tomorrow for the big parade in Oak Harbor.  Not sure if Elsa and Batman will be able to sleep tonight :)  Can't wait!  So until then...

South Carolina Fun Fact of the Day:  Sweetgrass basket making has been a part of the Mount Pleasant community for more than 300 years. Basket making is a traditional art form that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Got the South Carolina scrapbook page done1

Cheese sraws

Carolina Slaw (Grant really really liked this)

Frying up some shrimp

Easy dinner so we could make it to the fire department tonight.  Everyone here really liked the shrimp and it was so easy!  Definitely holding on to that recipe  Might even think about holding on to the batter as an idea for popcorn chicken

Sad Cake (Kristi's recipe note:  I cut the recipe in 1/4's (we didn't need a whole big cake) and I used slivered almonds as opposed to pecans. Grant LOVED this.  Super easy, not sad at all)

Getting run over by the snow plow

Hmmm, I'd say she's a natural

Meeting Sparky

I can so see Noah doing this every day

She made it to all the stations and earned her badge

Yes, this one makes me incredibly nervous

Even more nervous :-p

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