Friday, October 3, 2014

Freaky Friday

Today has not been one of my finer performances.  Rainy days tend to do that.  In fact, I'm not really up for rehashing it, except for a few things:

1) Thank you God for Alyson - don't know if I'd have made it through today without her
2)  Apparently puppets left untended can do MASS destruction on a playroom.  And if they (the puppet) goes in time out because of it, their ghost continues the destruction.  For the mad props for creativity on that one, I didn't get worked up about the mess and even pitched in on the cleanup.  Oh how I love the imagination at work...
3)  Tigers Bullpen?  More like BS!
4)  A husband who comes home with flowers and pumpkin tea and then who willing heads out to help one of your friends move into a new house is a treasure beyond words
5)  A husband who ON TOP of those things has set a plan to take the kids to Home Depot, out to lunch and then to the movies tomorrow to give me a few hours of peace is my HERO
6)  Rhode Island Style Pizza Strips and a movie make for a much needed relaxing Friday night
7)  Zeppole for dessert - Bonus!  (And if you want to know more about them, I think zepploes are kind of cool!)
8)  Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day (Hey, hey, hey, hey - five bonus points if you can "name that band")

So until then...

Rhode Island Fun Fact of the Day:  The first traffic law was created in 1678, when authorities banned galloping horses on local streets in Newport. In 1904, the first speeding ticket was also given in Newport.

Rhode Island scrapbook page is done


How a husband makes a bad day better

Oh friend am I glad to see you

Pizza Strips

A Rhode Island dinner followed by a viewing of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" - TGIF

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