Friday, October 17, 2014

It's the Little Things

Some days, it's not the big flashing "Hey this is wonderful" things that mean the most.  Take today for example.  It's been a combination of the appreciation of so many little things that has made me thankful for this Friday.  It was going on a walk with Jen this morning and catching up.  It was being stopped by a random man working on his yard on that walk who gave us each a beautiful flower just because.  It was picking up a very excited Bean from school and hearing all about her awesome egg experiment and then her saying "I missed you Mama, I like coming home in the afternoon."  It was going shopping with the Bean and finally agreeing on a winter coat (one down, one to go!).  It was her asking so politely for a ring from the vending machine and thinking 'sure, why not' and the twenty minutes of 'thank you'  that followed.  It was grabbing a Reese's pumpkin for my husband who's had a VERY long week and is unfortunately headed back into the office again tonight.  It was finishing the scrapbook page and flipping back and looking through all the other states we've done and being just so darn PROUD of this project.  It was Tess stopping by to bring me some flaxseed for dinner tonight (thank you thank you!) and giving me inspiration for my next MOPS newsletter.  It was building smacos with the Dynamic Duo when Noah got home.  And it was the easy choice of winding down the week with a dinner of Flaxseed Oatmeal Pancakes (grains are of course HUGE in South Dakota) and a fun dessert of Smacos.  (Camping is huge in the Badlands and this is a fun take on a traditional 'smore!)  I'm off to enjoy our movie (Mighty Ducks 2) tonight and all the rest of the little things that come my way tonight,  Until then...

South Dakota Fun Fact o the Day:  The Flaming Fountain on South Dakota State Capitol Lake is fed by an artesian well with natural gas content so high that it can be lit. The fountain glows perpetually as a memorial to all veterans.

Flowers from a stranger - how neat

Making the Bean's Day

Easing the stress of this week for my husband 

Scrapbook page is done!

Makin' Smacos!

This made me giggle

Cooking up some pancakes

Dinner time (pancakes were a hit, btw!)

The inside ooey gooey wonderfulness of a smaco

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