Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Gritty Thursday

Geesh it's been another crazy one around here!  Between MOPS, PTA, work, the kiddos and all kinds of little things popping up all day that needed some kind of attention it's been tough to find any time to stop and just take a deep breath today!  Even enough to write a half-way decent blog :-p  So excuse my brevity today, wanted to post a bit and then hopefully wrap it up in time to take a few minutes for me and watch Grey's tonight.

A quick note on tonight's meal.  I finally got around this week to making a true South Carolina staple- Old Charleston Style Shrimp and Grits.  Shrimp and grits came up so many times in my recipe search this week that I could have probably come up with a different version each night.  But I chose this one as I liked that it was a combination of all the best parts.  And bacon, sausage and shrimp - my crew LOVED it.  Oh, and just a side note - I didn't make the grits via this recipe - I used the grits that Carol so graciously sent us in our South Carolina package this week.  Mikayla helped me make South Carolina Cobbler for dessert tonight so we could get in a peach recipe.  Believe it or not, though Georgia is famed for its peaches, South Carolina is actually the nation's leading producer, behind only California.  I'll let those from down South debate which state's are better.  You know what I think is better - that for the FIRST TIME THIS WEEK my family all sat down together to share this meal.  That in itself made it my favorite meal this week hands down.

Not sure what's on tap for tomorrow.  Perhaps a trip to the Fire Department in the afternoon for the Open House.  And more shrimp!  And cheese straws!  And a cake that's sad.  So until then...

South Carolina Fun Fact of the Day:  Johnston is known as the Peach Capital of the World.

Cobbler makin'

How I get through my days - Best Helper Ever

Kayla's South Carolina = Yellow is the state flower (Yellow Jessamine) the purple and blue is her pearl necklace and the red is her version of the city of Charleston

Showing it to me

Noah's South Carolina - the red is the light house in Hilton Head and the tree is a palmetto with a cannon ball bouncing off of it (they built forts out of palmetto in SC for this reason!)

Love it!

This fairy was seen flitting around my kitchen this afternoon

I wish this picture had a smell button for you

Shrimp and Grits Charleston Style

South Carolina Cobbler

Which of course begged for ice cream!

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