Thursday, October 16, 2014

Run Run Run as fast as you can!

It's been another busy day at the Gatchel's, so not too long-winded of a post from me here tonight since I still have quite a few things to tackle before calling it a night.  (The life of a typical Mom, I tell ya :-)  The big news from today was that it was Fun Run at Beechview!  Mikayla and I headed there this morning and not only helped on the PTA end of things (side note - we made our goal!  Wooo hooo!) but we also got to run with my Noah Joe.  Mikayla was in 7th Heaven to be with the big kids.  She actually ran 10 laps!  I stayed and helped and Mikayla was able to spend the morning and early afternoon with Tess and A (thank you thank you thank you!).  Then it was quick back here to get some dinner prep in and for me to head into the office for awhile.  Grabbed NJ from the bus, the kids did their We've Been There States, (Guesses??) a very hard working this week Grant made it home and we sat down to a very easy dinner of Hamburger Gravy.  More meat and potatoes - knew I couldn't do wrong!  For dessert I (after cleaning out the deep fryer after the chislic the other night, ick!) made Pumpkin Fry Bread.  We've done fry bread a couple of times already but it is actually South Dakota's state bread.  And a little bit of a fall twist - all the better!  As I tie up loose ends we're in the midst of reading, baths, the normal chaotic weeknight, nothing special :)  Enjoying all of us being together for the most part this week because next week is looking CRAZY!

Not sure about what tomorrow looks like but the weekend has all kind of fun pumped into it.  I will suggest you check back tomorrow if you want to know what the heck a smaco is, though....  So until then!

South Dakota Fun Fact of the Day:  The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs contains the largest concentration of Columbian and woolly mammoth bones discovered in their primary context (where they died) in the world!

The Dynamic Duo at Fun Run

She was his shadow, it was too cute

Here comes NJ!

Still paired up

Mikayla and all her sticks


Can you spot a Noah?

The First Grade- post Run

Noah's South Dakota - that is Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mount Rushmore, and a Wall Drug Sign (love it!)

He makes me smile

Mikayla's South Dakota - the circles are the 5 Laura Ingalls Wilder books set in South Dakota, the pink lines are the Badlands, and the Brown is Mt Rushmore

There was time for a quick game of Princess Cupcakes before dinner - love that Daddy got in on the action

Hamburger Gravy - doesn't look like much but they loved it.  And it was SO easy

Dinner time!

Frying up some Pumpkin Fry Bread

nom nom nom

A shot of the inside.  Consensus was "the smell reminds me of the smell when I am elbow deep in pumpkin." (Grant)  They liked it but everyone agreed they liked some of the other flat breads we have done before better

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