Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Sweetest Day with the Princesses

I don't think I can really do today just by putting it in words.  It was AWESOME!  Mikayla and I went to Disney Princesses on Ice and had the best time.  I am full of mommy gooeyness at the thought of how much it melted my heart watching how excited she was today.  Queen Elsa also helped me make a Sweetest Day treat for Daddy and we caught up with the boys again just in time for Church and home for dinner.  The boys, if you're wondering, tackled some yard work this morning and had a Scouting hike this afternoon.  

We're all splitting up for a good chunk of the day again tomorrow because Noah and Grant are going to Greenfield Village with Scouts.  The Bean and I are going to do some grocery shopping and cleaning as we've got a SUPER busy week coming up.  So no more of my rambling, enjoy the pictures.  I'll be back tomorrow, so until then...

South Dakota Fun Fact of the Day:  The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs contains the largest concentration of Columbian and woolly mammoth bones discovered in their primary context in the world! This National Natural Landmark is the only in-situ (bones left as found) display of fossil mammoths in America.

Queen Elsa getting ready to head out

Her nails of course had to match her gown

Always the diva she was signing before we even left

Queen Mommy and Queen Elsa

I got lots of grateful hugs and kisses today

We arrived

And got a treat

And went to find our seats (we were much closer, this is just from the entrance)

Snacking pre-show

Ariel came, too

One selfie before things got under way

The following are admittedly not the best pictures, but I wanted to try to capture at least one picture of everyone for the Bean

Mickey and Minnie

Jasmine and Aladdin

Snow White


Belle and Lumiere

"Be Our Guest"

Rapunzel and Flynn

The pirate ship number from Little Mermaid

Ariel!  (Kayla's favorite from the day)

Under the Sea

Singing along

Ariel and Eric

An intermission selfie


The fairies from Sleeping Beauty ( I couldn't get a picture of the dragon which was honestly the coolest part of the whole show - it actually lit the ice on fire)

Aurora and Prince Phillip

The set-up for Frozen


Elsa in her castle (she kept turning as I went to get a picture)

Anna and Prince Hans

Elsa during Let it Go - they ALL sang

This one maybe the loudest


The end of Frozen - Elsa and Anna

Cinderella arrived!

And skated with Prince Charming

The finale

One last Elsa and Anna shot for the Bean

Helping me make a Sweetest Day treat for Daddy

Poking the poke cake

Stirring up the pudding

And feasting on the leftover pieces of cake we poked with the funnel

Adding the finishing touches

Sigel Potato Soup - According to the article that accompanied this recipe: "Soup suppers are popular fundraisers for churches and other organizations in South Dakota. A bowl of hot soup on a cold day warms body and soul. But it’s not just the food that attracts people; the aura of fellowship and community also beckons.Such events are often called soup kitchens in southeast South Dakota."  Whatever it is - my crew LOVED this soup.

An Oreo Poke Cake for my sweetie on Sweetest Day

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