Sunday, May 19, 2013

Polar Bear Cubs - FINALLY!

Noah's birthday weekend continued today with our outing to the Zoo to see the new baby polar bear cubs.  As I've mentioned the past couple of days Noah has been waiting since November for today to finally arrive.  And so have I as it has made me excited to see him be so excited about it.  Plus a chance to have a good chunk of his family, both sides represented, to celebrate was a huge bonus.  While we had to drop Uncle Keith off at the bus station this morning so he could get back to Chicago for some auditions on our way to the Zoo, we were glad that Grandpa Gary could stick around for lunch and presents.  Fair warning, though, my camera died just as we started opening presents.  Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike this new camera???

Anyway, we got to see the cubs!  They are absolutely adorable, though we all agreed that they are bigger than we expected them to be at this point.  They were very active with their Mama this morning and both of my kiddos are lucky that they have tall uncles who were able to hold them up for some bird's eye views.  And since I'm on that, a huge thanks to everyone who came today - I know it was hot and a little disorganized, but it was wonderful to have you all there!

After the polar bears, some seals and giraffes we headed out to have a picnic lunch and then open some presents.  Wait, not some presents, a ton of presents!  Noah made out like a bandit!  And the big news of the day - Noah is now the proud owner of his very own Lightning McQueen two-wheeler!  The training wheels are still on for the moment, though Noah is lobbying for them to come off.  Thanks Uncle Scott for remembering the helmet and bell.  (More on this later).  He was also really excited with a wiffle ball and bat, Tigers PJ's, baseball cards, a Superman towel, a couple of books, some legos, a Superman chestplate costume, some new clothes, a launching Superman toy, a hot potato water balloon game that I suspect Aunt Shell bought because she wants to play with it as much as they will, some cool musical instruments for the bathtub and from Grant and I, a 'coupon' for a new bed.  Spoiled rotten.

We then had polar bear cake, bid good-bye to Grandpa Gary and then headed back into the zoo for a bit.  Like I said, it was hot, so we saw a few of everyone's "musts" (including the new baby otters, thanks Dad for remembering that one!) and the headed home.  We then, of course, had to open EVERYTHING before dinner.

Even though we'd already done quite a bit of trekking today, Noah was really excited to take his bike for a test ride so out on a family walk we trooped.  Noah was doing fairly well and I think both Grant and I were really impressed by his diligence and his enthusiasm.  We'd made it about 2/3 of the way home when the inevitable happened - a wipeout.  Noah was going slightly downhill and took his feet off the pedals like he could on his other bike (which I've been telling him for the past two weeks he couldn't do on a two-wheeler) he tried to get his feet back on the pedals with no luck and careened off into the ditch.  Grant and I both held our breath and were relieved when there were no tears and a very firm resolved to get back on the bike right then.  We both told him good job and off he went.  Two blocks later a motorcycle and car are coming toward us and I remind him to stay over to the side, he looks over his shoulder, loses control and goes off into the ditch again.  I'm fairly certain this is going to be the end of the bike, but to by surprise he shakes it off, gets annoyed for a second but then gets right back on the bike.  I'm figuring we're at least going to get a bit of an attitude when I hear:

"Mom, this is the coolest bike ever.  It is so much fun and so easy.  I think I'm ready to take the training wheels off."

So apparently turning five makes you braver than your Mom gives you credit for.  Without missing a beat, I tell him maybe next weekend, that he should get a little more used to it first.  I then jokingly say half to Grant that we can next weekend since school will be over and provided that I can find a sale on band-aids.  I then jokingly ask Noah what kind of band-aids he wants me to stock up on.  "Why, Mom?"  "Well, Noah, while you are doing an awesome job, part of learning to ride a bike means you're going to fall and you'll probably get a little banged up."  I figure this my nip then enthusiasm for no training wheels in the bud a little bit.  He looks at me and says "Oh, OK.    Mario.  And Lightning McQueen"

Seriously, where did Noah go?  We made it home without any more crashes (and he rode the entire time) and he was wanting to know when he could go again.  Oh he makes me smile.

So I'd say it's been a really good day here.  Oh, and don't worry, I didn't forget.  Happy National Devil's Food Cake Day.  There's a picture of my treats below.  Grant and I celebrate 7 years of wedded bliss tomorrow and Quiche Lorraine.  Until then...

The birthday boy with his Uncle Dudley

 Tossing coins in the fountain

 Being held up so he could see

 I tried to get a shot of his face as soon as he saw them but no luck.  He was THRILLED

 They're too cute!


 Kayla and Shell funny faces

 Kayla, Shell, Noah and Rigby, the polar bear cub I got for Noah for his birthday 

 Seeing his new bike

 Had to try it out right away

Devil's Food Cake Cookie Sandwiches (Grant says: Yummmmmmmmmm)

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