Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five Alive!

Five years ago today my world was turned upside down.  It wasn't a sudden thing as I had nearly eight months to prepare for it, but until that day five years ago actually happened I don't think I really 'got' it.  Five years ago today I became a Mom and into the world was born Noah Joseph Gatchel at 10:08am at 5lbs 5 oz and 18 1/4 inches long. Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!

We started the morning off by measuring him on our door (he's probably grown almost 2 inches since we measured him on the first day of school in September).  Tall and skinny, wonder where he got those genes from...  Then we packed up breakfast and biked down to the park.  Last year we started the tradition of going to Shiawassee park for donuts on the morning of Noah's birthday.  This year he decided he'd rather have muffins and strawberries (when you grow up apparently so do your taste buds) but it was much the same.  Then it was back here for a quick shower for the Mama and to put things together to head to Ann Arbor!  We'd been promising Noah we'd take him and show him where the Wolverines play plus Grant and I have been really wanting to take the kiddos to the Nichols Arboretum ever since we were there in August.  The fact that Gary and Keither were coming in for Noah's birthday and could meet up with us there on their way into town was bonus.  So off we went!

We picnicked at the Arboretum and played in the Fairy Hollow.  Mikayla built her own house for Tinkerbell, wonder if she'll go visit it.  We met up with Gary and Keith and then went down to sit by the river for awhile.  The arboretum is absolutely beautiful.  The next time we have a nice day free I think we might just make a day of it.  We found a place to rent canoes and the river is fairly shallow and I think the kids would have a blast doing that.  Maybe not this summer, but by next summer for sure.

We headed over to the stadium and even though it was locked up we were able to take some pictures outside and even walked down to Chrisler Arena to show them where they played basketball as well.  The kids were pretty amazed though a little bummed out that we couldn't actually get in.  We then took a brief tour of the area around campus and Noah and Kayla both begged to come back and spend a day in Ann Arbor walking campus.  They both commenting on how many fountains there were and how neat the buildings were.  They also want to check out the children's museum.  Thinking Grant and I are going to have to find a Saturday or Sunday here during the summer to do just that.  Ann Arbor is so beautiful it would be easy to spend the whole day checking out the area.

We came back to Farmington for Noah's birthday dinner (tortellini, garlic bread, cucumbers and pears.  And cheese souffle because it's National Cheese Souffle day, of course), a quick tour of the neighborhood, some ice cream, a few innings of the Tigers game and bed.  I just finished up Noah's cake for tomorrow which is a huge relief.  I have been nervous about this polar bear cake for over a week now but I think it turned out really cute.  Lunch and snacks are packed up and ready to head out in the morning for our party at the zoo.  Can't wait!  Noah has been waiting since the polar bear cub twins were born in November to see them, so really hoping the cooperate tomorrow.  Plus, can't wait to see his face when he gets his bike :)  Until then....

Measuring Noah first thing this morning

 Kayla too (can't do for one without doing for the other)

 Breakfast at the park

 Lunch at the arboretum

 I had to get a picture of this hair

 Building their fairy houses

 Noah and Lucky (who shares a birthday with Noah, apparently) down by the river in Ann Arbor at the Arboretum

 Noah, Grant, Kayla and Keith in front of the stadium

 Hail Yes!

 Happy National Cheese Souffle day (we deemed this dish as 'interesting' though everyone ate it)

Polar Bear Cake

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