Friday, May 17, 2013

Cobbled Together

 I am exhausted.  It is very rare for me to actually admit to this, but the fact that it is after 11pm before I am even getting to the blog it should tell you my day's been pretty jammed.  With Noah's birthday and company coming in this weekend I've been rushing around putting all my proverbial ducks in a row.  I figure busting my butt today will mean that I actually get to enjoy the rest of the weekend, so it's all good.

My over ambitious undertaking of tasks today even ended up effecting our daily celebration.  It's National Cherry Cobbler day and earlier this afternoon I was putting together the ingredients for it, so I could have it baking while we spent some family time outside after dinner and have it hot out of the oven with ice cream while we watched a movie tonight.  While I had the sugar and flour out, I remembered that I was also needing to make some chocolate sugar cookie dough for the dessert I was making to take with us to the arboretum tomorrow and I should just set aside the dry ingredients for that in a bowl since I already had them out.

As I'm congratulating myself on my resourcefulness and dumping the cocoa powder it dawns on me that I have mixed it into the cobbler dry ingredients as opposed to the sugar cookie dough.  Whoops!  So I scooped out as much as I could but there was still a good bit of chocolate in the cobbler stuff.  I figured we'd just have chocolate cherry cobbler, no worries.  Some days, I tell ya.  It didn't hurt the cobbler at all, it was still yummy, warm, gooey and as an extra bonus, chocolatey :)

Alright, I'm calling it a night.  I haven't checked my email since about 2pm, and I've still got a couple of things to do before I can officially throw in the towel on today.  Glad to see a W for the Tigers tonight after Verlander really struggled last night.  Be looking for pictures tomorrow from our trip to Ann Arbor for Noah's birthday!  Until then...

Cherry Cobbler with a bit of chocolate

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