Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trouble on 2 Wheels with Wine on the side

It was absolutely beautiful here today!  I honestly think that we all spent more time outside than in today which is exactly how a perfect May Saturday should be spent in my opinion.  My car got cleaned out, we had a picnic lunch in the yard, there was much bike riding and wiffle ball playing, we cruised the neighborhood on a family walk and Grant and I finally decided to give into Noah's pleas and take the training wheels off his bike.

Ever since last Sunday when he actually got the bike Noah has been telling us how 'easy' it is to ride a bike and that he was ready to take the training wheels off.  Grant and I both hesitated for all the obvious parental reasons; skinned knees, tears, frustrated fits and giving up when he discovered it wasn't quite as easy as he thought.  But given the gorgeous afternoon we finally decided to give it a go.

There's no question that Noah has inherited his Mama's lack of co-ordination, which tends to work against you a bit when attempting something such as riding a bike.  (As reference see Kristi at 7 years of age running into a mailbox)  But given it was his first attempt I thought he did fairly well.  He stuck with it for a good 45 minutes (he was at it another 15 minutes after that, but with much protesting so I'm not counting it) though Grant and I were both very careful not to let him wipe out too badly.  He did ask that we put the wheels back on, which we agreed to.  I don't think he's thrown in the towel, I think that maybe he's just a little wiser that maybe it wasn't as easy as he thought.

So now a question to all you parents out there - suggestions on how to teach a kiddo to ride a bike?  I have a feeling it's as important that we are as diligent and patient as he is, which I will pat us on the back and say we were today.  Do we let him wipe out a few times?  When is it OK to 'let go'?  I don't think we're doing anything wrong (mostly because Noah isn't completely terrified nor did he just give up) just wondered if anyone had any pointers.

In other news, Happy National Wine Day.  We celebrated vino in both its red and white forms today in a couple of different ways.  I made red wine marinated pork chops for dinner with wine and cheese puffs on the side.  Then for dessert after our walk tonight we had wine cake.  All were enjoyed, especially the pork chops.

Headed to Sylvania tomorrow to drop off the kiddos with Aunt Shell and Uncle Dudley for the day, then Grant and I are going to Ikea to get Noah's bed.  We're kiddo free for about 24 hours (have I mentioned lately how much I ADORE living up here????) then we're headed to the 'Mont for a Memorial Day BBQ on Monday.

Speaking of the 'Mont - proud older sister moment.  Learned from my Mom today that Scott was presented with his Academic Letter at an awards banquet on Thursday night and will be presented with a special gold medal at another upcoming banquet for carrying over a 4.0 his entire senior year.  He was also named a State Athlete, but need to find out if this was for all of the State of Ohio Athletics or is specific to the Swim Association. (Mom, can you post in the comments to clarify?)  Regardless, Bowling Green is lucky to be getting you, Bro!  So proud!!

Cherry Dessert and Blueberry Cheesecake (which I'm actually making for Monday, so maybe no pics until then) tomorrow.  Until then...

Suited up and ready to go

 Kayla and Grant have a snack before we take on the bike

 And we're off

 Grant helped him out, too

Red Wine Marinated Pork chops with Wine & Cheese Puffs

 Red, red wine....

 Wine Cake

 I made my own sweet cream to drizzle on top of the cake

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  1. Scott - and his co-captain - were named OHSAA State athletes for Fremont Ross. It was pretty cool . . .
    Keep up the good work with the bike riding - it seems as though you try and try and try and then all of a sudden Noah will just get it! That too will be pretty cool . . .