Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Day of Culinary Adventures

 Today was not your typical Tuesday around here as I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon which meant the kiddos and I made a trip to Fremont.  Thank goodness my Mom was off today and was able to hang out with the kiddos for a bit while I went to my appointment.  Added bonus - even though we weren't able to do Kid Kitchen here today (look for my twosome in action here on Thursday this week instead) my Mom had Kayla hard at work in her kitchen today.  (Noah opted for Spongebob with Uncle Scott, instead)

And I'd say it was a day for new tastes all around.  To start with, last night I FINALLY made the rhubarb pie that we have been discussing since January.  The kids had already headed to bed last night when I started mixing up the ingredients, but I did get them up long enough to try the rhubarb in its raw form.  They had both sworn they were going to eat it that way.  I wish I had thought to have my camera at hand for this moment as it was hysterical.  If you've never tasted rhubarb before, bitter does not even begin to describe it.  They both (along with Grant) decided they did not like it at all, but had high hopes for the pie.  The pie, if I do say so myself, turned out amazing.  It reminded me a lot of an apple crisp (I went for a crumb topping instead of the more traditional lattice crust top).  I would definitely make it again - though only when the rhubarb is actually in season ;-)

My Mom furthered our culinary adventure today with two other dishes.  First, she and Kayla made some sweet potato biscuits.  My favorite part - them 'measuring' the dry spice ingredients in Kayla's palm to add to the mix.  While I was gone, they also made a kohlrabi slaw.  I have to say kohlrabi was a new one even for me.  If you've never had it either, think cabbage heart or maybe even a broccoli stem texture.  The slaw they made had kohlrabi, carrot, orange pepper, yogurt, mayo, dill and cumin and it was AMAZING.  I'm definitely suggesting that others should check it out, and I think kohlrabi may be making an appearance in the Gatchel kitchen sooner rather than later...

And if that's not all enough, Happy National Strawberries and Cream Day.  I took the stuff with me to make this for with dinner and I think Noah would have happily eaten just this.  At one point the child wanted to put the cream on his spaghetti. He has asked countless times already for me to make it again.

In other news, we made a quick stop at the park this morning before heading to Fremont to burn off some energy, the kids played Veggie Tales Old Maid with Grandma, the Tigers beat the Indians, my kids scared the poo out of me as I was driving home as they imitated my dad by 'smashing' a fly on their car seats out of the middle of nowhere, attic fans apparently plug in, tomorrow is Field Day at pre-school and my big PTA instillation is tomorrow night.   Phew, is that enough?

Vanilla pudding, Field Day, PTA Board and who knows what else tomorrow.  Until then...

Close-up of the rhubarb in the pie

Rhubarb Pie - FINALLY

 Quick trip to the park

 Noah and Rigby playing at the park

Strawberries and Cream

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  1. The pie was SPECTACULAR!! I was so full of kohlrabi I coulnd't even think of keeping a piece last night - now if only I had it for breakfast!! Makes me want to run out and get some rhubarb today.