Friday, May 10, 2013

Shrimp on Friday, Everybody happy, well I should say

This morning, Noah and Kayla were struggling a bit through breakfast.  I wasn't in any kind of a rush for them to finish as Noah didn't have school this morning (Kristi will refrain from grumbling about this again) and I didn't have any "must get done" items on my list for the day.  In fact, it had really been my plan to just hang out, clean the house, run to JoAnn's for a return if we had the chance and take them for an Icee at Burger King (they're only 75 cents right now!) if they were good.  So any of those things could have fallen off and I wouldn't have been overly upset.  But I wasn't about to sit around and let them take an hour (we were already at the 40 minute mark) to eat half a bowl of cereal.  So I did the only logical thing, I threatened (hehe).  Now, I'm sure the average Mom, based on the list above, would threaten the Icees.  Nope, not me, really wouldn't have made much of an impact on my twosome.

Nope, I threatened the cleaning.  They love to 'help' me clean the house.  We crank the tunes, Mikayla dances around with the duster and scrubs the toilet like a pro, Noah moves things and swiffers all the floors and I boogie and shimmy with the bestest vacuum ever (courtesy of my husband for Christmas this year!).  It's kind of a mini party around here and as usual they know "when you do good things, good things happen" and that they usually end up benefiting from their efforts.  So I told them if breakfast didn't disappear in the next five minutes I was going to be cleaning by myself and they would have to find something else to do.

I didn't know 'strawberry stars' could disappear so quickly.  As if I really needed further proof they really are mine, here it is.  I pleased to report that not only did we make the house shiny, we got all those other extra done, too.  Including the Icees!  Oh, and as I mentioned on Facebook I am willing to rent them out to anyone interested :)

On another note, Happy National Shrimp Day.  Mikayla asked that we not have Shrimp Scampi again, so instead I made some homemade popcorn shrimp to celebrate.  I opted to bake them instead of fry them but they still went over pretty well around here.  It's seafood, I can't say I'm overly surprised.

Tomorrow most be the most ridiculous of all the days yet (which is really saying something) as it is National Eat What You Want Day. Wait, what?  Don't we do that every day?  I've really struggled with how to 'celebrate' so I came up with letting everyone put in their requests for their 'favorites' all day.  So we'll see what they come up with - bring on Kristi the Short Order Cook.

Until then...

Popcorn Shrimp

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