Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Since I don't really understand the point of National Eat What You Want Day I'm refraining from much comment.  As I mentioned yesterday I let everyone pick a certain favorite and then we worked it into our day.  Noah wanted something with chocolate chip cookies, so we had chocolate chip cookie dough (yes, with actual chocolate chip cookie dough) pancakes for breakfast which everyone loved.  Mikayla begged for peanut butter and jelly (that was a tough one) and Grant requested calzones.

As an added bonus I whipped up a new yummy treat - brownie covered oroes.  We're still debating what we should call them; we're torn between brownie-o's and ornies.  Thoughts?  Perhaps the pictures below will inspire you.  As an added bonus, I made them with double stuffed mint oreos.  Don't worry, Mom, I'm totally bringing you some tomorrow :)  And to my half-marathoning sister, these made me think of you.  Let me know if you want the recipe.

Otherwise our day was fairly uneventful.  Grant and the kids went and saw a free movie at the theater downtown (Kung Fu Panda 2) and we worked on an art project or two.  I played in the kitchen, ran a ton of errands and finished up a couple projects of my own.  It was a nice relaxing Saturday only marred by the temperature a bit.  I had hoped to spend a good chunk of the day in the yard planting some new flowers but given there is snow in tomorrow night's forecast, I figured we'd better hold off on that one.

Heading to the 'Mont tomorrow to celebrate the best Mom a girl could ever ask for.  Looking forward to seeing my family and my favorite in-law who's not really my in-law, my sister Shell's Mom-in-Law, Stephanie.  The kids have requested a bath in Aunt Shell's jaccuzzi tub while they're there and my sister (bless her!) has graciously agreed.  I'm interested in seeing how this goes down.  Alright, I'm off to watch the end of the Tigers game, hoping that the Tigers continue to rally against those stupid Indians.  

Until tomorrow..,

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pancakes

 Hmmm, what will this be??

 Grant's calzone


Kristina Kunkle, this picture is for you - I know how much you love this cinnamon roll recipe and I wanted to show you that I've gotten much more proficient at them since the last time you were here ;-)  Have you made them yet?  I'm thinking Lillian is about ready for her first cinnamon roll ;-)  My crew is looking forward to feasting on these in the morning

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  1. Mmm...yummmm! Not only are those cinnamon rolls lovely, I can attest to their utter deliciousness! Lillian is pretty much refusing solids, so if the cinnamon rolls have iron in them, we may be on to something... ;)

    I vote for brownie-o! That just sounds cute! (Also, if you get a moment, could I get the recipe for the butterscotch brownies from the earlier post? They also looked super tasty!)