Wednesday, May 8, 2013


In case you couldn't sleep last night wondering what the Birthday Fish requested, let me end the suspense right off the start tonight; Nemo asked for Carrot Cake Cookies, with cream cheese frosting topped with Swedish Fish.  Given that fish apparently only celebrate birthdays every 19 months or so,  I didn't see this as too unreasonable a request.  The fact that he was demanding (though his interpreter, Noah) to know if they were ready as soon as he got up this morning is a completely different story.  Nemo and the rest of the family did celebrate his birthday at dinner tonight, though and I'm hoping that he enjoyed his treat.

Today was the Parent Blessing at Noah's school.  Basically another chance to show off how far our kiddos have come in one short year :)  I was so proud of Noah today, he made my heart smile.  My favorite part of the whole morning was the 'awards' for all of the parents.  Mrs. Porto read off the following for every set of parents (with the answers supplied by each kiddo) and you can bet this is going to be hanging in our bedroom for awhile:

My Mom is: A good cook
My Dad is: a hard worker
My Mom likes to: get Goldfish
My Dad likes to: work on car computers (bonus to Noah for knowing Grant works on technology components for autos!)
I love my Mom because: she does nice things for us.
I love my Dad because: he takes us to the park and the mall

My overall 'award' was "Best at Cooking" and Grant's was "Best at Fixing Things"

Have I mentioned lately that I adore my little boy?

Today is National Empenada Day (again!) and this time I whipped up some Cheesy Chicken Empenadas.  I'd say these were a little more crowd pleasing that last month's, a little 'safer', as they were jumbo biscuits stuffed with chicken, red peppers, jalepeno pepper, cream cheese, colby jack cheese and taco seasoning.  Perhaps a bit of a cop-out, but who ever heard of celebrating something like empenadas twice?!?!? (And no, there's no need to point out to me that 99% of these 'celebrations' are pretty ludicrous)

Butterscotch brownies and hopefully work on a couple of projects I've got to get done in the next week or so here tomorrow.  Until then....

Nemo's Birthday Cookies

 Mikayla, who never misses a beat, saw the cookies and promptly announced to me that tomorrow was her Pink Dog's birthday.  I told her that I happened to know that the Pink Dog's favorite dessert was butterscotch brownies so I already had it covered... (Some days the Mama doesn't miss a beat, either)

 That's my handsome little boy on the far left

 Noah's class

 Bringing us our awards

 The fabulous trivet Noah made for us

Empenadas Part Dos


  1. This second to the last picture makes me want to run rightup to the attic and get Sarah's hand-print Christmas ornament to compare. Who's hand do you think is bigger? I love you Sarah!! (You too, Noah and your handprint!!)

  2. I bet Noah wins by a