Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rockin' the D

My heart is happy tonight.  I had an amazing afternoon celebrating Noah's birthday just the two of us at the Tigers game.  While the Tigers suffered a loss, it was a huge win for me and my favorite almost five year old.  The weather could not have been more perfect, we couldn't have sat next to nicer people and I couldn't have enjoyed an afternoon of baseball with Noah any more.

I picked him up from school a few minutes early in my very cool (if I may say so myself) shirt and Mrs. Porto announced to the whole class that Noah was going to the baseball game for his birthday, which surprised everyone, including Noah.  He couldn't head out to the car quick enough.  Even the fact that today was Beach Day, which is all he's been talking about for a week now, paled in comparison.  We made it downtown without any problems, parked in the Ford Field lots and headed to the stadium.

I took him down field level first where we were able to get very close to the field and even peak our heads into the Tiger dugout.  Though he did make a game last September with Grant I don't think they made it down field level and he was amazed at how big it really was.  There were only a few people out warming up when we were down there, though we did try for a ball with no luck.  Perhaps next time.  We stopped for food on our way to our seats, much to Noah's delight.  He was so excited that he got to 'eat lunch at the game'  And honestly, can you really go to the park without having a hot dog?  The thing was huge and the kid polished off the whole thing.  Followed by a bag of potato chips.  And most of a box of Tigers cookies that I had gotten at Kroger the other day for him and an entire sno-cone later in the game.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We found our seats and even though they were waaaaaaay up there, we were directly behind home plate.  I could have umped the game we had such a clear shot of the plate.  Noah asked lots of great questions about the game, the field, etc. as we waited for things to start.  As we'd been making our way through the stadium people kept stopping Noah to tell him happy birthday as they saw our shirts.  He was delighted.  So as we're sitting waiting for the game to start our seat mates show up and notice Noah's shirt and tell him happy birthday.  He then asks him when his actual birthday is, to which Noah says Saturday.  The man, who introduced himself as Carter, told Noah that Saturday was also his birthday!  During the first few innings we had quite the conversation.  At one point Carter goes down to get something to drink (did I mention how warm it was?) and returns with a Detroit Tiger helmet Pez dispenser for Noah, telling him again Happy Birthday!  He then tells me that his grandchildren are all too old for him to spoil at a game, as they think Grandpa is 'boring' and how much he enjoyed Noah.  I hope Carter, wherever he is tonight, knows that he really made one little boy's trip to the ballpark even better and that he has a truly delightful birthday.

Noah and I took a break during the fifth to go find a sno-cone and cool off a bit.  We missed the Tigers evening up the score but I think we both needed to be out of the sun for a bit.  The rest of the game was great and in the ninth I really thought we were going to pull it out (we were down by 2, but bases loaded with Cabrera at the plate.  Chances were at least even...)  As we were leaving, Noah's being really quiet so I ask him if he's OK, to which he says "I had a really good time, Mom, but I'm really sad the Tigers lost."  Me too, bud.

So the only other damper on the day (other than the loss) was that from the time we left our seats at the game 'til we walked in the front door of the house, over two hours passed.  Traffic was an absolute nightmare.  As we crept closer to home I started to realize that by the time I got home and got dinner made it was going to be after 7.  Open to Plan B, I swung into a Little Ceasar's (which cracked Noah and I up because the GPS kept calling it little scissors) for a cheap pizza instead.  Some days I pick my battles where I can...  It was still almost 6:30 before we made it home, which didn't stop us from telling Grant and Kayla our tale over dinner and then having my twosome beg Grant to set up the sprinkler out in the front yard for a bit.

So while they ran around outside, I turned what was supposed to be dinner into dessert so we could still celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day.  Grant got me a really neat waffle stick maker for Mother's Day (after I managed to break his waffle maker a couple of weeks ago.  It literally jumped out of the cupboard at me and shattered in about five pieces.  It wouldn't have been a big deal but he claims this is the only waffle maker he ever remembers his Dad using, which he passed along to Grant when he went to college.  Oops....) that I've been wanting to try out.  So Chocolate Chip Waffle Sticks with ice cream it was!  I also had repurposed a few of the leftover cinnamon rolls from the other day last night by baking them very low for a couple of hours and then sending them through the food processor.  Then I stirred this into the waffle dough to make cinnamon roll waffles, which I'm going to share at my last MOPS meeting of the year tomorrow.

What a full day it's been!  The day totally lived up to all my expectations and then some.  I've decided to make the one on one Mom Dates a birthday tradition with each of the kiddos.  Mikayla is already requesting a Michigan game since they play closer to her birthday.  The girl doesn't miss a beat.  Off to watch the Wings take on the Blackhawks.  Coquilles St. Jacques tomorrow.  Yeah, beyond me too, so we'll see.  Until then...

Ready to go after being picked up from school

 Us in the parking garage

 Holding his ticket outside the stadium

 At the field

 He thought them working on the field was really neat

 Ready for lunch

 View from our seats

 The kid ate and ate and ate

 Prince Fielder just for Noah

 Fielder at bat

 God Bless, Carter

 Did I mention he ate?

 Hot and sweaty but still having a blast

 These were my ode to the chocolate chip last night - it's a no bake cookie with chocolate chips that I created on my own.  Something a bit different, not your typical chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate chip waffle sticks

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  1. Looks like a GREAT day at the ball park. Did I mention Cecil Fielder is Prince's Dad?