Thursday, May 2, 2013

Liar, Liar Truffle on Fire

When I was reviewing my menu for this week I inwardly groaned to see National Truffle Day.  Ugh, not again with the big chocolate mess.  Then I realized it was truffle without the 's' as in that super expensive mushroom like food.  Well fabulous.

Since I couldn't locate any actual truffles I found a high end mac & cheese recipe using truffle oil.  OK, that I could do.  But my research turned up the fact that a lot of truffle oil does not actually contain truffle it just as 'the essence of truffle'.  My super practical self had a hard time reconciling shelling out $15 for a teeny tiny bottle of 'essence'  If I wasn't going to have the actual ingredient, why bother?

So I honestly considered, my dear readers, telling you that the mac & cheese that I made tonight had truffle oil in it anyway.  I mean, the recipe called for it to be all mixed in, how would anyone ever know if I had used it or not.  I was honest with my family, telling them that we were just skipping the truffle thing, but the recipe was 'truffle inspired' (Almost as good as truffle essence, right?).  So alas, no truffles around here tonight.  I did take a picture of my mac and cheese (which Grant claims rivals their favorite mac & cheese ever from Panera) but I'm not even bothering to post it as it really doesn't contain any truffles.  I promise to do better tomorrow ;)

Busy around here getting ready to head to Cinci on Saturday and Sunday to cheer on Sarah in her first half marathon.  Tomorrow I'll share some of the foods from Saturday and Sunday as well as Raspberry Tart Day.  Until then...

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